Restore: The Bodyweight Strength Program



Prior to beginning YOUR EIGHT-week plan, I recommend you take a week to prepare – I call it a “PREP WEEK.” 

Doing this will give you some needed time to study, practice, watch instructional videos multiple times and learn, all while seeking to better understand the unique training principles and goals of this course.

In fact, you could take even MORE time if you felt you needed to, but at least one week is recommended.

As the famous Ethiopian marathon champion from the 1980s, Juma Ikangaa, once said: “The will to win is nothing without the will to prepare.” 

Take the time – prior to actually getting into the “plan” – to prepare.  You will thank yourself later because you will be making faster progress!  😊

During this important “preparation” week, while it might, at times, feel or seem like you’ll be doing more watching and reading, vs actual training, nothing could be further from the truth. 

What do I mean?

The BEST way to learn anything is to repeat this process over and over and over again.

  1. Read – learn – think – seek to understand.
  2. Practice and apply what you just read about and learned about.  Reflect on what you read and learned as you practice. 
  3. Go back – read and watch the videos again. Seek to understand.
  4. Go back and PRACTICE, again, and again. Seek to understand and internalize the concepts you learned about and are now practicing.

In other words, the reason you won’t simply be reading and watching, is that you’ll want to practice each of the movements, at a lower intensity and with an eye toward form first, and learn by way of that practice, how to best implement the training principles that are a critical part of this unique program. 

If you’d like to learn more about HOW I recommend you approach this week of “prep,” please listen in to the video below!

Your primary mission early on is to become more comfortable with the actual exercises – practicing them repeatedly to improve the “skill” of strength – and integration and radiation of tension.

Be patient while also being consistent and determined!

Here are some additional important elements to consider as you proceed through the early phases of this program and begin your training plan. 

1. In the very beginning as you first get into the program, you will absolutely benefit from taking more time simply to practice.

The time you take early on will reward you in spades with higher overall skill development.

That means it is a PROCESS: learning, applying what you learn, practicing, refining, videoing, and then going at it again. Rinse and repeat. 

As you think about this – obviously, none of this is very applicable if you are doing only ONE set – all out, as you are instructed to when actually doing the program training.

As a result, we should acknowledge one thing up front: the way I’ve laid out this course – with only one set to total temporary failure being THE focus and intent – that should be your ultimate goal.

In the beginning, however, you’ll benefit from spending time practicing and refining skills. Which will mean multiple reps and sets, potentially. As well as frequent practice sessions, perhaps more than one in a day or on subsequent days.

2. As you improve your skill level (both proper execution of the movements AND your ability to generate maximum tension while going to complete temporary failure), you’re going to be working harder within each session. They will be short sessions because of the nature of the course. Efficient and effective! But they’ll also be potentially taxing physically and mentally.

Which means you WILL NEED additional recovery after each session, before going after it again.

In summary, the better and stronger you get, the more rest and recovery you’ll need after each session.

The bottom line: the more you challenge yourself IN the session, the more rest may be required before going after it again.