Restore: The Bodyweight Strength Program



In this section, my goal is to provide you with some important advice and suggestions for how best to get started with your 8-Week Training Plan.

I want to see you make the most of this opportunity!

As you can imagine, the first 2 to 3 weeks are the most important, as this is when you will be learning more, just HOW to train, in what is likely a very new and different approach to building strength and improving how you move.

Is there an ideal way to approach this training plan?

…so you get the most from them and can become an absolute movement master and strength monster?!! 😊

Yes, there is.

Irrespective of the unique nature of who we are as individuals (we’re all an experiment of ONE), the IDEAL approach is long term. Not short term.

Don’t look at this 8-Week Training Plan as the beginning, middle, and end of your learning and growth.

Look at it as the beginning. Because that is what it is.

To learn more about this approach, listen in to the videos you’ll see in the next two segments – the “prep” week and the actual 8-Week Training Plan areas.

Just remember…N definitely = 1 when it comes to how we’ll all adapt and fit this training into our lives, so we need to move forward and understand that. And then make smart decisions accordingly.