REstore: The Bodyweight strength program


Follow-Along Sample Workout Videos For:

level 1 – level 2 – level 3 – level 4

Welcome to The Bodyweight Strength Program Follow-Along Video page!

This is where you will be able to see SAMPLE workout videos for each of the four levels of training.


As time goes on, I will be continuing to add more follow-along videos.

You will find videos for all four levels done using the “standard” exercises here. In the near future, expect to see follow-along videos for all four levels using the more “advanced” progressions also!

This program can be advanced in many ways and it’s super challenging to do well.

But you will feel great, move better, and be stronger!

Please keep reading to learn more! And good luck with your training!

Level 1 Video (9:39): 

Get ready to get your FOCUS – you’ve got between 9 and 10 minutes to get it done well – you’ll be amazed at how great you will feel!

I’ve left OUT music so that you can choose what you would like to listen to.

I HAVE included some voice-over guidance and encouragement. If you would like to listen in to that, you may! The choice is yours!

You can do it, I believe in you! Let’s get to it! 

Level 2 Video (10:53): 

We’re increasing Time-Under-Load in Level 2 and getting a bit more range-of-motion. 

Are you ready to work hard and feel amazing when you’re done? You will feel awesome! 

As with Level 1, I left OUT music so that you can choose what you would like to listen to.

However, for this video, I left in everything I was saying during the filming – tips, counting, and encouragement!

As always, you have the choice of listening in or not. The choice is yours!

Level 3 Video (15:03): 

If you’ve made it to this point, you now have mastery of the basic movements within the program, and you may already be experimenting with some of the more advanced progressions.

Level 3 is no joke. This is hard but oh so satisfying.

You will be amazed at how much stronger you will feel as you continue to knock out these workouts.

Just remember, it is always quality over quantity. Form matters, more than you could ever possibly realize. 

Moving well and then…gradually and progressively getting stronger means you can truly benefit from this work when it comes to your sport-specific performance and your health.

And that is what matters! Rock on!

Level 4 Video (21:29): 

90 seconds to 2 minutes of time-under-load or tension. 

This is serious training, I won’t lie. And to be able to do it well, will require an absolute commitment from you, mentally and physically!

You’re going to feel amazing when you’re done, but you will experience some discomfort before you get to “done,” trust me!

This is incredibly effective training! Be ready!