RESTORE: The Foundation Program


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What is RESTORE: The Foundation Program? It is:

  • Three Training Circuits, containing 14 different “foundational” movements total (4 to 5 within each circuit) that teach and progress movement skills ranging from joint mobility (shoulders, hips, spine), to core stability – posture – breathing mechanics – hip stability and strength – foot function and balance – spinal, neck and low-back health, and much more, all with the goal of restoring the kind of “feel good” health and balance by way of learning and mastering basic movement skills and re-balancing the body.
  • More than two dozen detailed instructional videos and numerous “explainer” videos.
  • The result of more than 10 years of trial and error working with hundreds of athletes in our Pursuit Athletic Performance gait analysis lab. The basis for this program was the “plan and program” that we gave to every single athlete who went through our Gait Analysis. What’s even better: the program has been updated and improved with a number of NEW and beneficial (and challenging) movements to enhance your health and performance so you feel better and become much more durable!
  • Very little equipment is requiredand this program can be done entirely in the comfort of your home (Online links to the best resources for whatever equipment is required is provided in the program).
  • A detailed 28-day training plan for you to follow!
  • Numerous program #BONUSES, including detailed video tutorials on soft-tissue care.
  • This is the movement RE-SET every athlete needs, regardless of age or experience level!
  • You can do this program in 10-minutes or less per day – progressing at your own speed and level. You don’t need much equipment, and you can do it in the comfort of your own home!

This program will help you learn and discover more about your own health and body, restoring it to its most balanced and healthiest condition. You’ll learn about and master the basic and fundamental skills of authentic movement, which includes basic core and hip stability and overall stability and strength.

You’ll also establish the highest quality set of holistic movement skills that will provide a foundation for the more advanced training that is to come. When we approach our training in a smart way, building skills and restoring balance, then consistent improvements that ultimately deliver greater durability and vitality begin to happen. The secret is in doing it the right way and staying the course.

This program, which focuses on the basic and fundamental skills that are essential for success, will absolutely change your life for the better! I guarantee it!

3 reviews for RESTORE: The Foundation Program

  1. LJ Masters (verified owner)

    The Foundation Program… Start from the beginning…. This statement is so very true. I was a bit skeptical at the beginning of this program – really? Single joint movements and balance? I had no idea how much I had to re-learn! I have been an active person for years and now realize how many intrinsic weaknesses I had. I encourage you too, to start from the beginning and re-learn, re-train! After 3 1/2 weeks, I notice a difference in my hip and knee strength and balance – do I have more to do? Yes! But but my run is stronger and my movements more confident. I now do 10 body-weight squats every morning while brushing my teeth, and YES (You can laugh) it makes a difference. Engage your power, start from the beginning 🙂 Thank you Coach Al.

  2. Rebecca R

    I only wish I’d found the Restore – Foundation program sooner. Although perhaps I needed to waste a few years doing the wrong exercises to realise it was the perfect program for me. After retiring from hockey, I became a gym regular for the first time in my life. While initially enjoying the strength and flexibility sessions, after a while, it became obvious there was little coaching around good technique. It was more a matter of keeping up with the others in the class. I did more damage than good in the end. I’m now doing Restore – Foundation’s seemingly easy exercises at home and appreciate their true value. The biggest shock is how little time you need to spend at this to get maximum benefit. Feeling the better for it, I’ll be moving on with coach Al’s other programs having built habits and movement patterns that will serve me well. Thanks Al – I’m so glad to have found you!

  3. Patrice (verified owner)

    I have had the opportunity to learn and use several of Al Lyman’s programs. I feel that no matter what level of athlete someone is, or if they are new to exercise, would benefit from the Foundation program. I am a competitive (66 year old) age group triathlete as well as a physical therapist. As a therapist, I am often frustrated at the limitations I have due to insurance, scheduling, co-pay costs, clinic limitations, etc when working with my patients. I have recommended this, as well as Al’s other programs, to patients and friends. Al’s knowledge and ability to convey that knowledge is exceptional. I know I have personally benefited and I continue to perform the foundation and body weight exercises. I highly recommend this program.

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