RESTORE: The Bodyweight Strength Program


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1 review for RESTORE: The Bodyweight Strength Program

  1. Todd Kenyon PhD

    Al’s bodyweight strength routines have been hugely beneficial for me. I used to go lift at a gym and do the usual stuff with ok results – better than nothing for sure. But that all changed when I learned Al’s bodyweight program. For the last 5 years or so I have done 2 days a week in my office or home, 10-20 minutes, very little equipment needed, and the results are better than those from the gym. The best part: it is functional strength – strength you will actually use and that makes you healthier overall. I was very surprised initially at how weak I still was in many ways even though I lifted conventional weights. I keep getting stronger with zero injuries from my tri training and watersports. Highly recommended.

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