RESTORE: The Hips Program – Mobility


Without a doubt, when it comes to performing to our potential and training hard and fast with a low risk of injury, the hips are where the rubber meets the road!  It begins with healthy hip joints that move freely and easily. That is a top priority in order to feel good and perform well.

And while gobs of passive flexibility and optimal joint range-of-motion are essential, they’re not nearly enough – they’re only the beginning.

If your goal is to have BOTH a lower risk of injury and a high endurance and speed potential, you ALSO need CONTROL of that flexibility – especially near the end ranges.  These are the objectives of this program – what you WILL achieve if you stay the course!

All of the above is why THIS program – RESTORE: The Hips Program – Mobility, is different than virtually any other hip mobility program you’ll find


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