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For over 30 years Coach Al has been coaching athletes at all levels, ages, and abilities. RESTORE: The CORE Program is the culmination of that experience. This program puts science and expertise ahead of trends and fads. In this program, we’ll start with how to build skills and learn the exercises—then move step-by-step to higher, more dynamically challenging skills. You’ll learn all of the fundamental skills you’ll need to perform the more advanced skills—restoring balance, building core stability and strength from the ground up.. Get ready to move to the next level!

The Program

Restore: The Core Program, is for you if…

YOU ARE the kind of athlete who…

  • Wants to feel and be healthier, more stable, and stronger…
  • Wants to truly understand what it means to have a stable and strong core…
  • Wants to have anytime access online or on your smartphone to that program, whenever it is convenient for you, in the comfort of your own home.

RESTORE: The Core Program, is what YOU need to reach YOUR goals and achieve peak performance.

In RESTORE: The Core Program, you are going to learn:
  • What core stability is and why it matters
  • Why sit-ups and crunches are counterproductive to becoming a better runner or triathlete
  • The difference between core STABILITY and core STRENGTH and how to improve both.
In this program you will experience three circuits perfectly designed to boost core stability and strength. The program is designed to be performed anywhere with virtually no equipment required. Your core will be STABLE and STRONG in just a few weeks.

RESTORE: The Core Program, provides you with three levels of progression. Each exercise is documented and explained with a detailed video and seriously relevant information. The movements described in this program are the same proven movements that have been used with the amazing athletes listed below. Coach Al is bringing his winning formula to you.

When you purchase RESTORE: The Core Program, you will also receive access to Coach Al’s Performance Portal. In the Portal you’ll gain access to a vault of knowledge including:
  • Over a dozen MUST READ articles compiled from Coach Al’s decades of experience
  • Coach Al’s Video Training Tips,  all of them gleaned from 40 years of study, research, and practical experience! 
  • A large assortment of Follow-Along training and stretch videos. 
  • A complete instructional video series (SIX full-length videos!) teaching the Turkish Get-Up, arguably the best single exercise you could do!
  • Continuously updated content with Coach Al’s latest information

what They’re Saying

Client Testimonials

When I finally decided to hire a coach, one thing I learned immediately is what a profound difference it made in my training and ultimate success. Bottom line, I have been racing for 30+ years and Coach Al was able to get me to my highest level of performance at the age of 50+.

I have worked with Coach Al for more than ten years now, and he has fundamentally changed the way I think about movement skills, flexibility and recovery. He also has a passion for learning and sharing his knowledge. I used to train myself with more hours resulting in greater fatigue, lingering injuries and slower times.

With Al I have been able to step up my training intensities without injury which has led to an overall improvement in performance.Coach Al is a master of crafting sessions for maximum recovery and return on time investment. My build for Ironman Hawaii prepared me to feel my strongest ever in my racing career. Thank you, Coach Al!

- Lisbeth Kenyon

I have been a triathlete for most of my life, competing at different periods of time as a pro. I had a triathlon and running coach early on in my career, but after that was on my own. I suffered through several periods with a variety of injuries IT band syndrome for a long period. After giving birth to three children between 2000 and 2005, I began to training seriously again, and in 2008, ended up qualifying as Connecticut’s female representative in the “Best of the U.S. National Triathlon Championship,” where I placed 19th.

Around this time, I started feeling hip and hamstring pain. I continued training, assuming that whatever the problem was would just “get better.” In January 2009, despite struggling with some residual pain, I managed some top finishes, including 10th overall woman at the National Duathlon Championship.

Unfortunately, the pain continued and I continued to train through it. Finally, out of pure frustration  – I resolved to try and solve these injuries, retiring from racing in July 2009.

Coach Al is a coach who believes in “quality of movement,” first and foremost. He knew that the long-standing injury issues I was battling were likely due to compensation, weakness, and imbalance in my body, combined with a lot of hard training with that poor movement. When I reached out to him, he did shut down my running, and while that was more difficult, I knew it was the only right way to proceed.

He told me our goal would be to find the root cause of the issues. Every time I had sought the advice of various physical therapists and other medical folks, even getting some prolo shots, it seemed everything I did with those medical professionals focused only on the symptoms, not on the cause of the symptoms – I still had no idea WHY I had been plagued with these issues. I was frustrated, to say the least.

The next step was a visit to the Pursuit Athletic Performance gait lab, with the hope of solving my issues and with the hope of working with Coach Al. I was still in a lot of pain, and had made several unsuccessful attempts to start running again.

During my initial analysis, as Coach Al was collecting the video of me running on the treadmill, he stopped and looked at Kurt, and said “come take a look at this.” He seemed to have an idea what was causing my issues.

Suffice to say, he was right! They started me on a series of stability and movements and told me I wouldn’t be able to run immediately, but if I stuck with the process, soon I would be running and hopefully, pain and injury free!

Months and now years later, I can’t believe how much better I feel. I thank God every day for being out of pain!  The last piece of the puzzle was some form and technique work with Coach Al, to help me dial in my stride appropriately, for much more economical and efficient running. If it weren’t for Coach Al, I wouldn’t be running right now, I am sure of it! He was the only person that focused on the root cause of WHY I was injured, and showed me the path, step by step, to a healthier and more powerful way to move. I have learned a tremendous amount about what it takes to improve as a triathlete, and, most importantly, to stay in the game! Because of his help, I believe my best races lie ahead. Thank you, Coach Al!

- Rebecca Stephenson

Coach Al – I just wanted to send a long overdue note to thank you for getting me back to running and racing triathlons.

You will remember I had severe ITBS (iliotibial band syndrome). For the last two years, I had gone through self treatment with rest, stretching and yoga. Then I went to see a sports medicine specialist getting MRI’s, injections and physical therapy.

When that didn’t work, I went to see a different sports medicine specialist and got more of the same. Finally I was told I would either have to stop running or consider surgery.

You know surgery for ITBS has pretty poor results. I am a physician myself, and am pretty comfortable with most standard medical therapies, but was not going to have surgery. I had pretty much given up hope of running more than a couple of miles ever again.

Then I saw you for a gait analysis.

The program is fantastic! I have done several triathlons this summer that include both Olympic distance and sprints.

I just completed my first half iron distance race after two-and-a-half years of being out of racing. It went great thanks to your gait analysis, the Return to Running program, and Coach Al’s awesome coaching this summer.

I was able to post the second fastest bike split in the half iron distance race, and still run a decent 1:37 half marathon on a hilly course. I could not be happier.

I think I see an Ironman in my future now, something I had given up on not too long ago. Thanks so much!

Todd Wilkens M.D. F.A.C.S.

NOTE FROM COACH AL: Todd had about given up hope on ever racing again. Through gait analysis, and our subsequent work together, he just went a 4:48 in a half Ironman–the first race of that distance he has been able to do in 2.5 years! He was fifth OVERALL, and took first place in the masters category. It is a super, super result. Not only are we over the moon at Todd’s finishing time, Todd is uninjured and pain free! Think about that! He rocked the house with a super solid result, and got on the podium. Thing is, now that he’s a stronger, more stable and durable athlete, he can begin to REALLY TRAIN and unleash his true potential. There are many great races and results ahead of him, no doubt in our minds!

- Todd Wilkens

I’m a competitive triathlete going on my fourth season in triathlon. For the last 3 years I’ve been competing in Olympic distance and earned myself a spot to the worlds in Edmonton last year. I am continuing with Olympic this year but am currently training for the half ironman ,for my first time, to kick off the season!

I realized fairly quickly that I would need a plan for this race. Never having done one and although I have a pretty good handle on the Olympic distance I wanted to make sure I had help with the half.

A good friend of mine trains with Pursuit and is always raving about them so I decided to purchase their intermediate half ironman plan.
It’s working out great!! The daily workouts are easy to understand and follow! Along with the plan you receive an awesome guide to help you through the plan and understand the daily workouts on top of a basic understanding on the important keys to make training successful.

Thanks Coach Al, I’m looking forward to my race!!

- Mitsy Layton

I have used Coach Al’s training plans, and I will just say, the guy knows his stuff. After so many years of experience and after following many other plans, this by far was the plan that got me in the best shape of my life.

I felt stronger and more capable than ever thanks to the structure provided for in the plan (distance and intensities), and the advice that is provided by Coach Al. 

- Curt Canata

Wow! I am faster than I have been in years and I finished the Boulder 70.3 feeling great!

Huge thanks to Coach Al for getting me here – you are the best!!!

I felt stronger and more capable than ever thanks to the structure you gave me in your training plan, and the advice that you provided helped me get to to the finish line feeling better than ever! 

- Kristen Olsen

No coach cares more about your success than Al. I went from broken and frustrated (before working with Al) to durable and excited about the future! And I’m continually amazed at the seemingly constant flow of new and valuable information that comes into my inbox, and how attentive Al is to my needs. He’s the best!

Huge thanks to Coach Al! 

- Maureen Brook

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