Restore: The Bodyweight Strength Program


More Advanced Progressions:

The Bodyweight Squat Progressions:

The “Hindu” Squat: a challenging and fun progression!

The Rear-Foot-Elevated-Split-Squat (aka Bulgarian Split Squat) challenges single side hip and leg stability and strength!

The Chin Up Progression:

The Pull Up (hands wider on the bar and palms facing down) is more challenging. Work toward this!

The Push Up Progression:

The alternate arm and diamond hand positions are challenging progressions!

The Table Bridge Progression:

Adding a resistance band to the Table Bridge, while also moving toward a single leg. These are tough to do well!

Calf Raise Progression:

This is the same video – to advance, progress to single-leg (vs. two leg) raises.  (You also have the opportunity to load them!)

The Pike Push Up Progression:

The Dive Bomber (aka Hindu Push Up) adds a mobility element and is fun and challenging!