Restore: The Bodyweight Strength Program


Important Training Principles: An Introduction

In this Training Principles area of the program, you will find a different menu TAB for each critically important principle.

These training principles are the absolute CORE of this program – they literally define HOW you will train, as well as what makes this program different. 

Any time you have a question or need a “refresher” on any individual principle, you can come back to that TAB and review it. 

Please take a minute TO LISTEN in to the video below where I discuss these important principles.

Before you leave this page, let’s “set the table” for what is to come by discussing what Plato meant when he said, “Conquer Yourself First!”  This is so important in understanding why bodyweight training is so effective.

Also, keep reading as I will review and discuss one important prerequisite in order to have your best success. 

Conquer Yourself First!  

The ancient Greek philosopher Plato is known to have said, “the first and best victory is to conquer self.” 

And if you think about it – it makes so much sense.    

“High-tech” exercise equipment is all the rage right now.  These are machines that give you extensive read-outs, measure force output, are “compact” so they don’t take up much room in your home, and supposedly also tell you if you’re getting stronger.  🙂

In my mind, there’s a real problem here. 

What is it?   I would bet dollars to doughnuts that most of the people who are using these machines, can’t do a basic (correct) push-up. Or …a basic bodyweight squat.  

That’s a problem. 


Simply put, the kind of strength that will transfer to your sport and make you a better human being, starts with body control, first! Muscles don’t act in isolation.

(This is one reason why “muscled up” athletes are often seen injured. Being ripped doesn’t give you durability in your sport. It may look better in the mirror (which is OK), but if you’re looking for strength that really matters…) 

The same can be said about many traditional strength programs, that often have novices instantly picking up some weight. This feeds right into a lot of folk’s desire to pick up weight – we want to see if we can do more! 

But is that truly the right approach?

Should you really be picking up weight if you haven’t demonstrated the ability to control your OWN weight, first? Think about it.

As I was considering what THE BEST way would be to help others incorporate strength training into their lives in a way that would ALSO HELP THEM move better, the idea of picking up some weight without having first demonstrated the ability to control ourselves, just didn’t make sense to me.

As Plato said, “conquer self.” That just makes sense.

Think about it: if you can control your own weight and then gradually develop and then demonstrate mastery of your body and bodyweight, first and foremost…shouldn’t you then be able to access more of that strength when you’re doing other activities?

That ability to control your own body better is going to make you a better runner, swimmer, cyclist, or golfer – it doesn’t matter who you are or what you would like to do – you’ll be better doing it when you are better at controlling your own bodyweight.

In other words, is there a better way to ensure that the strength training you do will actually turn into better durability and resilience in your sport training and out on a racecourse than to be able to OWN and control your own bodyweight? I don’t think so!

Of course, bodyweight training was the logical choice!

RESTORE: The Foundation Program is the IDEAL “foundation” and prerequisite for THIS bodyweight training program. 

Ideally, you would have learned, practiced, and ultimately mastered THAT program first – and have a very good understanding of the basics and fundamentals.


In the video below, I reinforce the importance of beginning AT THE beginning with RESTORE: The Foundation.