Restore: The Bodyweight Strength Program


High intensity –  SLOW SPEED


The focus of this bodyweight training program is SUPER SLOW, HIGH-INTENSITY movements.

Every movement will be done SLOWLY. Nothing will be rushed and everything should be done as smoothly as possible.

Don’t think of bodyweight training as using your muscles to move the weight of your body. Think of it as using your bodyweight to work your muscles harder.

Generate tension from within. I will show you how to do this!

From the beginning to the end of every single exercise, your goal is to make the exercise as demanding as possible, while maintaining a low risk of injury.

Don’t just do reps – make each moment and every movement count.

Listen in on the video below for a quick overview of this important concept of slow rep speed -high intensity training!

Where to Maximize Tension:

If you’re at all confused about where to hold and maximize tension, know that you will get even more detailed guidance in the instructional videos!

So stay tuned. Remember…

  • The Basic Bodyweight Squat: it’s easiest is at the top, harder as you get lower.
    • To make this harder, focus your ROM nearer the lower portion of the movement.
    • To make it easier, focus your ROM near the top portion of the movement (don’t go as deep).
  • Push Up and Pike Push Up: harder at the bottom. Same rules apply as above, for making this easier or harder, and so on down the line to the other exercises and movements.
  • Chin Up: harder at the top, you’ll start at the bottom.
  • Table Bridge: harder at the top.
  • Calf Raise: harder at the top, you’ll start at bottom.


More Advanced Progressions:

Once you feel you’ve mastered the initial six movements, you may want to start to experiment with more advanced progressions.

You’ll find some suggestions for more advanced variations in the BONUS #2 tab in the menu on the left.

Now, I must caution you not to be too anxious. Be patient. Focus on the basics, first and foremost.

The REAL value in this program is in mastery of the basics and fundamentals. I’d argue that among the most common mistakes many athletes make is being too anxious to get to the next exercise, or to the more advanced exercises.

Master the basics, first. Groove the groove! You’ll be happy you took the time early on, as the ceiling for how strong you can be and how much better you can move lies on the other side of these basics!