Restore: the hips program

how to train hip joint mobility


Piriformis: passive stretch and pails-rails

The dreaded deep rotator muscle known as the piriformis can be a problem area for many runners.

If you discovered during your individual assessment that you have an area of opportunity to improve here, then you’ve once again arrived at the right place.

Settle in to watch the video and then begin to address whichever motion is your greatest need.

Not sure where to begin?

Are you unsure as to where your greatest area of opportunity is?

If that’s you, here is one idea to help you move forward.

Solution: If in doubt, just do it. For both sides. After 3 to 5 sessions, see how you feel.

What is this a good possible solution? Virtually every athlete can benefit from increased strength in this type of hip rotation. It’s literally a no-lose proposition for getting stronger and gaining additional control for the hips.

Follow along in the video below as I take you through Self-Myofascial Release and THEN…passive stretching and PAILS – RAILS for the piriformis / Deep 6 rotator area of the hip.

None of these skills or therapy sessions should ever be “one and done.” Your tissues need repetition in order to be able to change.

These routines must be done consistently over a fairly long period of time to have a positive (and more permanent) effect long-term.

What to do?

When in doubt, follow the plan! That is, go to the pages STEP 3 – An Overview of Your 6 and 10-week Training Plans, and then to the plans themselves, for specific guidance.

Remember…if you’re able to noticeably improve even ONE of these movements, you are guaranteed to feel and move better.

Repetition, repetition, repetition.

Stay with it.