Restore: the hips program

your plan: How and when to train hip mobility 

10-week Training plan: Weeks 3 through 10

Continuing what you began in weeks 1 and 2 

This 8-week block of training will provide a great continuation of learning and practice. Where it leads will depend upon YOU – your progress and your end-goals.

You may find that simply repeating this 8-week cycle is a great option for you moving forward, taking into consideration that as you practice and improve, your PRIMARY Area of Opportunity may change.

Rotating focus areas for improvement is a great path to keep things interesting, varied, and can also lead to greater overall mobility and balance. 

Week 3 Training

To print a PDF of your week 3 training plan, CLICK HERE!

Each day of this program, one of your objectives is to perform a set of HIP CARs:

Controlled Articular Rotations

The goal with these HIP CARS is two-fold:

1. Move all the various joints involved through a full range of motion that will help maintain that ROM or even improve upon it.
2. Identify where there may be limitations in ROM, that might be worth working on improving for both health and performance reasons.
Ultimately the goal is that these become a “daily ritual” of sorts. For right now, the primary goal is to LEARN what they are and how to start to perform them.

Week 4 Training

To print a PDF of your week 4 training plan, CLICK HERE!

Throughout your plan, you will have opportunities to try out various SMR and PAILs – RAILs for various regions of the hip.  You will find those in BONUS #1 – Video Tutorials on Tissue Care

Pay close attention to how these feel. Begin to learn what it is that YOUR body needs most, and focus on those areas.

We’re all an experiment of one.  This program provides the tools and the guidance – You have learn more about your body so that you can apply these tools in the right way. 

Week 5 Training

To print a PDF of your week 5 training plan, CLICK HERE!

One of the most beneficial and productive ways to train mobility is to learn what it means to #chunk it. 

Chunking it = taking an entire movement and learning and practicing it in short segments. We learn much more easily when we don’t try to bite off an entire skill in its entirety, all at once.

For example, for HIP CARs – take the first couple of moves – bringing the thigh up and then rotating out and then inward (into internal rotation). Focus ON THOSE MOVES ONLY. Chunk it. Practice only those. Then move on to tackle the next few moves in that series. 

When you’re ready, put it together. 

This is how we learn best!

Week 6 Training

To print a PDF of your week 6 training plan, CLICK HERE!

Week 7 Training

To print a PDF of your week 7 training plan, CLICK HERE!

Week 8 Training

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Week 9 Training

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Week 10 Training

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