Restore: the hips program

how to train hip joint mobility


“long” adductor (inside of the hip and leg) pails and rails

With both the short adductor and “Frog” movements, we’re going after the inside of the hips and legs – with a focus on the tissues that extend from the hip to the knee.

Which leaves out those connective tissues which extend beyond the knee further down the leg – we refer to those as the “longer” adductor tissues.

That’s where this movement/stretch and PAILs – RAILs comes in!

It is worth mentioning, that these muscles are VERY active in both running AND cycling, so it’s natural to assume there may be some restriction from chronic use.

Note: for the first time through, be very conservative and use it as an assessment of where you’re at. Exploring in a safe way is always smart!

Remember: Get up to 2 minutes of passive stretch prior to PAILs – RAILs.

Use caution when moving into and out of these stretching positions. Listen to your body and allow enough time to relax into your true end-range position.

Have you read this before? That’s OK! It bears repeating – it’s that important.

None of these skills or therapy sessions should ever be “one and done.” Your tissues need repetition in order to be able to change.

These routines must be done consistently over a fairly long period of time to have a positive (and more permanent) effect long-term.

What to do?

When in doubt, follow the plan! That is, go to the pages STEP 3 – An Overview of Your 6 and 10-week Training Plans, and then to the plans themselves, for specific guidance.

Repetition, repetition, repetition.

Stay with it.