Restore: the hips program

how to train hip joint mobility


Groin (Short Adductors) passive stretch and pails-rails

When it comes to this area of our hip girdle, most will know immediately if there IS an area of opportunity to improve.

If my experience counts for anything, this IS the area that most athletes will have good passive flexibility and range of motion, so it’s likely to be the area that is least likely to be a “greatest” need.

  • If you’re very flexible in this position but would still like to build greater control and strength, to lower your risk of injury and create better in/out hip balance, then you can absolutely train this!
  • If you aren’t as flexible, but don’t consider this to be your greatest need – save this for a little bit later period of time. You can always come back to it.

In the below video I take you through how to passively stretch and perform PAILS-RAILS for the groin.

None of these skills or therapy sessions should ever be “one and done.” Your tissues need repetition in order to be able to change.

These routines must be done consistently over a fairly long period of time to have a positive (and more permanent) effect long-term.

What to do?

When in doubt, follow the plan! That is, go to the pages STEP 3 – An Overview of Your 6 and 10-week Training Plans, and then to the plans themselves, for specific guidance.

Repetition, repetition, repetition.

Stay with it.