Restore: the hips program



Let’s Talk About Our Mobility Assessments and Training… 

Before you jump into STEP 1 – I have just a few more concepts and recommendations to share with you that are guaranteed to “prime” both your knowledge AND your enthusiasm for this journey. 

Let’s begin with TWO KEYS to your success: 


And what IS the best way to keep it simple? Take it one step at a time, of course! 🙂

Don’t allow the knowledge and information that’s presented here complicate any of what this program is about – which is simply what you need to do, to succeed and achieve the results you desire. 

It really IS simple.

After all, you have only ONE mission with this program, and that is…

…to work through these FOUR progressive STEPS, one at a time: 

1. Assess flexibility and joint range of motion.

2. Begin to train mobility in those areas of your hips that have the greatest opportunity to improve.  

3. Continue your training to include all ranges of motion and increasingly challenging movements, to progressively improve BOTH joint range of motion and control of that motion, one rep – one exercise, at a time.

4. Rinse and repeat!   🙂


As mentioned above, take it one step at a time. You determine how quickly you’ll progress through the program. 

Focus on the process, not on the results or on a timetable. Make progress every day, and you’ll get to where you want to go!

You’re now ready to move on to STEP 1 – Assessing Your Hip Joints. 

But first…watch the three videos below. 

You’ll be introduced to a few additional important elements of this program. 

Onward you go!

In Video 1:

I discuss the different elements of this program and in particular, Controlled Articular Rotations and “PAILs” and “RAILs”, which you will learn much more about as you move through this course.  Keep reading. Be patient – there’s a lot here!

In Video 2:

Controlled Articular Rotations are the central focus of the first phase of this program: ASSESSING and then TRAINING HIP MOBILITY. In the below video, I tell you WHY!

(You’ll see this video again in the CARs section which comes up next. It’s worth watching twice!)

In Video 3:

Let me ask a question: Have you wondered how your KNEES and HIPS are related, beyond the obvious?

The HIPS play a vital role in knee health and function. Check out the video below for a quick overview and WHY your knees will thank you for doing this work!

Ok….NOW, you’re now ready to move on to STEP 1 – Assessing Your Hip Joints.