Restore: the hips program

how to train hip joint mobility


These TWO “movements” are WHOLE-BODY and absolutely my favorites!

In this BONUS area, you’ll find instructional videos for two of my absolute favorite (because they’re so effective) full-body movements for improving passive flexibility and mobility.

Included are both longer and shorter videos – the latter for you to come back to on occasion for quick reminders on how to perform these the right way. For maximum benefit.

What is the best way to approach these?

  • Take them each in chunks, learning a little bit at a time and practicing them segmentally.
  • Ease into them without forcing anything.
  • Apply the concepts presented in this course to get even more long-term benefit.
  • Keep it fun!

Bretzel 1.0 addresses hip flexion and extension and brings in thoracic spinal rotation.

The first video is the longer instructional video.  

Bretzel 1.0

The next video is a shorter instructional video – a “review” of the important elements.

Bretzel 2.0 is a very different movement, focusing more on ROTATION of the hip – while also bringing into it a rotational element from the thoracic spine. The starting point for Bretzel 2.0 is the 90-90 position.

The first is the longer and more detailed instructional video. Enjoy!

Bretzel 2.0

The next video is the shorter instructional video for Bretzel 2.0, which is again, a quick review.

“Exploring” Bretzel 2.0 and 90 – 90

In this video, I go through an informal “exploration” of both 90-90 and Bretzel 2.0, which are obviously similar movements in many respects.  I hope it’s helpful and inspires you to also explore!