Restore: the hips program

advanced progressions for stability and strength

The lateral lunge

With the Lateral Lunge, we’re introducing a side-to-side motion that will load our hips in the all-important “frontal” plane.

This is a dynamically challenging exercise. Start with a smaller step when you’re first learning. Make sure to dial in alignment as instructed in the video.

Should you start at the bottom?

Success with this movement begins and ends with “owning” the bottom position. With good alignment and positioning. As such, I often instruct athletes to START with that bottom position so that they know where they’re going when they get there.

Chunking it is the key.  This is one of those movements, like many others, where you’ll benefit from practicing it in sections.  Start with the bottom position. Then practice the finish position. Then once that feels comfortable…

…practice moving from the top position to the bottom, stopping there – owning those two positions – then going back to the top to try again.

Chunking it like this is how we learn best. Eventually, you are able to put the entire movement together and then get smoother and more explosive with practice. 

When you’re ready to bring in the PULL-APART, refer to the instructional video below for your HOW-TO!

Have you wondered at all, WHY it is important to eventually bring the larger muscles of the back into exercises like the Lateral Lunge?

If you haven’t yet, you certainly will as time goes on, especially as you progress through this program. 

Check out THIS video to learn more!

Some Training Ideas

For training, your primary goal is always to do as many as you can do, WITH control.  As you get comfortable, increase speed, but make form your focus of course.

For general guidance, this works very well:

5 to 7x lateral lunges left, then 5 to 7x lateral lunges right. Then do 20-30seconds of toe-walking between each set, in a variety of positions (toes in, toes out, etc).

We’ll also use the lateral lunge in combination with the RFESS EQI exercise. Here’s an example:

Set 1: RFESS EQI for 30 sec (both sides, right then left), then step out and immediately step into ~5 lateral lunges left, 5 lateral lunges right.
Set 2: Repeat Set 1 except do a 45sec EQI (both sides) and then 8 lateral lunges instead of 5.
Set 3: Repeat Set 2 except do 60sec EQI (both sides) and 8 lateral lunges.
**Take as much time as you need between sets but don’t dawdle. Err on the side of caution. DO NOT do so much that you end up sore for days! #trainsmart.
**Don’t start counting on the EQI until you are in position.
**Ease into and out of each position. Train smart.

Have you wondered HOW to do a correct “Pull-Apart” with a resistance band?

In this next video, I’ll show you. You were introduced to this idea in the instructional video for the Lateral Lunge.