Restore: the hips program

stability and strength

Weeks 6 through 9 of your plan!

Here you will find the final four weeks of your plan. While it may be the “final” four weeks, in truth you’ve just started on your journey.

It takes time to master these skills and to truly progress them. So, with that in mind…

…feel free to repeat the first four weeks (after your prep week) before moving on TO THIS plan. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that – in fact it MIGHT be the smartest thing you could possibly do.

Also, if need be, repeat a week.

Or give yourself an extra day off to rest and recuperate. Recovery becomes INCREASINGLY important as the intensity rises.

Train smart!

Week 6 and Week 7

To download and PRINT your week 6 and 7 training, CLICK HERE!

Week 8 and Week 9

To download and PRINT your weeks 8 and 9, CLICK HERE!