Restore: the hips program

stability and strength

your nine-week training plan!

In your enthusiasm to start TRAINING and building your strength, it will be easy to just jump into this plan and start working hard. But that approach isn’t likely to give you the results you’re looking for.

What do I mean?

It’s not just about training “hard.”

It’s about patterning well – building skills progressively, especially early on as you are beginning the program.

Your focus must first on those things, first and foremost.

  • Pattern well.
  • Build skills progressively.

In a very real way, this phrase sums it up perfectly:

“It’s not about THE exercise – it’s about HOW the exercise is done.”

To achieve the success you desire – to really build an incredibly high mountain of hip stability and strength that will support you and your training moving forward, you need attention to detail and a willingness to stop, watch, learn, and listen.

By listening, I mean…listen to your intuition. It will tell you when you’ve crossed the barrier from moving “well” and working hard, to something less than that.


  • Use a mirror. Watch yourself. Are you seeing what you hope and expect to see?
  • Be willing to pause a “workout” to practice a skill. Take a step back if need be.
  • Continually and regularly watch the instructional videos. Each time you do, you’ll notice a new detail or hear something a different way, all of which will help you execute the movements better – and thus get more from them.
  • Be willing to repeat a day or week, in the plan, if it will mean you’ll end up feeling like you are “getting it,” and making the progress you need.
  • Remember, it’s not about “the plan,” it’s about skill development and patterning well and learning and building true hip stability and strength. Forcing it before skills are in place leads to compensation, which will end up short-circuiting your long-term success.

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To hear an overview of THE PLAN and how it should be approached, listen in to the video below!