Restore: the hips program

stability and strength: The advanced hip series

An Advanced Two-Exercise Hip “Series”

These two movements are presented together in a series because of their unique set up and similarity.

What is this unique set-up?

It Is…a subtle forward tilt – an “anterior-tilt” – of the pelvis, which leads actively into a hip-hinge.

There are specific reasons for this alteration of our usual “neutral spine” position – for these more advanced exercises. Keep reading.

  1. This slight anterior tilt is a more “athletic” position that mirrors a posture often used or recommended to maximize running speed and/or agility. It’s a true “sport-specific” or “run-specific” hip position.
  2. It’s a safe posture to perform exercises of this type.
  3. Importantly, this slight anterior tilt and subsequent hip-hinge pre-loads the posterior chain/hip extensor muscles. In other words, your hips will light up and engage automatically.
  4. Optimal centration of the head of the femur in the acetabulum.

Lastly, the real key lies in maintaining a neutral spine position over the pelvis – so that the motions we’ll use occur at the femoropelvic joints – and NOT at the thoracolumbar or lumboscaral junctions.

To put it much more simply: You’ll move THROUGH your hips vs. moving through your back! A very good thing!

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Side Lying Hip Bridge

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