So often we go through periods in our lives where for one reason or another, stress and anxiety levels are higher than we want them to be. Maybe it’s the time of year (winter! – blah!), dis-satisfaction at work, health issues with someone else close to us, economic challenges, or just flux and change which in and of itself, can cause a ton of stress.

When times like these happen, it’s helpful to remember that when those stress levels are UP, it is often natural and normal for our energy and motivation to train, to go in the opposite direction – DOWN.

In other words, stress and anxiety exist in inverse of boundless energy, internal drive, and motivation.

I bet that makes sense as you’re reading it, yet we all struggle with this dilemma at times.

The probably comes when we don’t see this inverse relationship, and we begin to ADD to our stress levels by berating ourselves for not “wanting it” more, or working harder, or having the same level of motivation as we might have had in the past. The issue ISN’T that you don’t care or don’t “love it” anymore, it’s more likely that your body is in a flight or fight mode and stress hormones like cortisol are floating throughout your bloodstream. When that’s the state of mind you’re in, the BEST thing for you to do at any moment MIGHT be to train or exercise, but sometimes that is the last thing you can motivate yourself to do!

So why am I mentioning this? The reasons are obviously important and multifaceted…

  • Stop beating yourself up for any lack of drive or motivation. See this for what it is, an inverse relationship.
  • Seek productive ways to alleviate the stress, but remember at the same time, facing those issues which are the primary cause, and taking action where you can to change the situation as best you can, is a smart strategy too! Don’t bite off too much at any one time. Easy to say, hard to do, I know!
  • If the circumstances are completely out of your control, do your best to just DO IT, knowing that you will nearly always feel better AFTER exercise or training, regardless of the situation. *Exercise is a great stress reliever, first and foremost, and also, you’ll obviously have done something positive for YOU, which will leave you feeling better about yourself and also leave a few endorphins as well, to enhance your mood.

Be kind to yourself, my friend. *Seek balance, as a path toward optimal training. If at first you don’t succeed, try and try again. Keep smiling, keep it fun, and remember – DON’T BE SO HARD on yourself! 😊

None of this gives you permission to slack, but rather, to be honest with yourself and kind to the most important person in the world: YOU!