So I was on my I-Phone yesterday morning trying to get this new app working that I downloaded last week. And it just didn’t seem to want to work as advertised! Every time I loaded it, the phone either froze up or the app immediately closed. Has that ever happened to you? Frustrating, right?

Finally, I decided to just turn the phone off and re-boot it. I was tired of beating my head against the wall with it. Ugh!

Technology is like that – sometimes there’s “bugs” and sometimes stuff just doesn’t work like it’s supposed to, ya know?

Now…funny thing…I was thinking later on about how frustrated I was with this “app.” I was laughing at myself!


Well…it dawned on me that at no point did I ever think there was something wrong with the phone – that the phone itself was broken. I just assumed it was a software issue – a problem with the”app”, not a problem with the phone.

So let me ask you a question, why don’t we ever think like this when it comes to our body?

Not sure what I mean?

In all my years of experience working with athletes who seek me out because they’re injured and finally have decided to do something about it, in nearly every instance the first inclination the athlete (or the doctor or sports medicine professional who referred them to me) has, is that some part of their body needs to get stronger or is “broken” and needs “fixing.”

In other words, a “hardware” problem.

Ironically, again in nearly every instance, the root cause of the injury or problem that’s holding the athlete back (and creating a huge amount of frustration and anxiety), is something related to how their nervous system functions – a motor control or stability issue.

In other words, a software problem, NOT a hardware problem, just like the cell phone app.

Helping these folks re-learn how to create motor control and stability in a developmental way, re-balancing the body from a tissue length perspective – in effect, taking them through a movement re-education process, is the path I follow with these athletes.

And it works every time. 🙂

It’s a lot like rebooting your phone or defragging the hard drive on your computer. All of it nervous-system-oriented “brain training,” as opposed to focusing on a body part or muscle or group of muscles.

Human beings move in patterns, not strictly in a segmental way.

We’re holistic organisms!

Compensation (aka “bad” software) happens because of injury, training, or lifestyle (or all three) – you could say it’s “normal,” in a way.

But it’s certainly NOT an optimal strategy for sustainable injury-free training and fast racing!

Who knew “smart” phones could teach us so much, ya know? 🙂