038: Supplementing With Amino Acids: A Smart Choice? [Podcast]




Jan Roos, Director of Business Development at Vitality Sciences, LLC

Jan Roos, Director of Business Development at Vitality Sciences, LLC

Today we sit down with the Director of Business Development for Vitality Sciences, LLC, a leading company in the production of supplements for athletes, to discuss one of the hottest topics in endurance sports nutrition today: supplementing with Amino Acids to enhance energy and recovery, before, during, and after training.

For those of you who listen to our podcast regularly, you may remember we touched on this topic in an earlier podcast, delving into the pros and cons of supplementing with MAP (Master Amino Acid Pattern).  We believe one of the first and most important things to know when looking at ANY supplement, is what is actually in it! We had our issues with MAP for that reason; they don't tell you their "unique" and apparently "special" formula. That certainly raises some eyebrows.

Jan and I met at the TRI-MANIA Expo and Conference in Cambridge, Massachusetts, back in March of this year. I spent some time at the Vitality Sciences booth talking with Jan and his father about some of the topics we delve into today on the podcast.

Should you add this supplement or one like it to your daily nutrition regimen? We hope this podcast will help you answer that question.

Thanks to Jan Roos for joining us on the call!   Have a great weekend everyone!

   ~Coach Al


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