Coach Al and Dr. Strecker

Dr. Strecker and Coach Al Lyman

Today’s podcast brings Coach Al and Doc Strecker back together again to discuss and answer some listener’s questions. (Thank you everyone for sending in your questions – we appreciate it!)

Among the topics we delve into in today’s episode are Crossfit and the merits of supplementation.

* Crossfit is incredibly popular across this land of ours. So, let’s throw it out there – what are our feelings about the merits of Crossfit? (You might be surprised to hear what we have to say!)

* Every “expert” out there has an opinion on the merits of taking supplements vs. eating real food only. Should you get all of the nutrients you need from real food, or is a nutrition strategy that includes supplements a smart way to go? If you do choose to supplement, how do you know which to use? Its hard to know who to trust in this area as so many are selling first, and speaking honestly second. Who do you trust? (We touch on the “Comprehensive Metabolic Profile” test also).

* And more, including what “F-F-F” is and why it is important.

Have a great weekend everyone!

~Coach Al and Dr. Kurt Strecker