036: Listener Questions! Last Minute Marathon Tips! [Podcast]




Coach Al at mile 13 of the 1988 Boston Marathon

Coach Al at mile 13 of the 1988 Boston Marathon


In today's podcast, Coach Al goes solo to tackle a couple of listener questions, as well as sharing some "last minute" tips for marathoners everywhere, including those toeing the line this coming Monday for the 118th running of the Boston Marathon.

Among the topics discussed...

* What causes the burning sensation you get in your legs when you train?

* What causes cramping?

* Should you run the day before the marathon or take it completely off?

* What's the biggest mistake most marathoners make?

* When should I return to running after the marathon?

* And tips on including speed work if you're training for an ultra.

* And much more!

Best of luck to all of the Boston Marathon runners and especially to those TEAM HOLE IN THE WALL runners! Have a great race!

                                                                                  All the best,

                                                                                  ~Coach Al


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