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caring for your soft tissue – abdominal fascia

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In the video below, I share some ideas and techniques for caring for the abdominal fascia via self-myofascial release.

While the “jury might still be out” with regard to what is actually happening to the tissues when we perform this kind of tissue care – there is no doubt in my mind whatsoever that the results can be very positive.

There’s little to be risked and potentially much to be gained.

We train this area of our body with focus and intent! Let’s make sure we recover and take care of the tissues also!

In my opinion, the very best tools available for self-myofascial release and tissue care are made by RAD Roller.

What specific tools are most valuable for your training?

* In this video, I use the Centre AND the Rad Roller, and a small Rad Round. Go HERE to grab those three tools.

* The “Best Sellers” kit pictured to the left contains just about everything you need to get started on quality soft tissue self-massage.

* The “Rod,” pictured as part of the kit, is absolutely the best “stick” for self-myofascial release that I have ever used. It’s solid, rolls easily, and is virtually indestructible!

* The “Point Release Kit” (also pictured as part of the larger kit) is the block along with 4 rounds – balls to allow you to dig into smaller areas more effectively. The smaller blue ball is ABSOLUTELY my favorite tool for my feet and getting deep into the hip.

RAD also has a free app for your Apple or Android smart phone!

RAD also has a free app for your Apple or Android smart phone!

Click HERE to SHOP for the tools you’ll need. Don’t discount the importance of healthy soft tissue to get the most from your training! Click HERE to grab your RAD app!