Restore: The Core Program



I made you a promise earlier. You might not have read it like a promise, but trust me, it was.

I promised to start at the beginning when teaching you new skills and exercises. I swear, THIS one thing is THE thing most missing in the strength and conditioning world these days. So many of us are enamored with complex skills while others lack enough experience to know who to trust or what to work on.

You’re here now. Problem solved.

These Level 1 exercises, in combination with what you learned in Restore: The Foundation Program, are YOUR true beginning. This is where it starts.

What you learn in Level 1 will help you establish the basic skills you’ll need to skyrocket your training to a higher level and master the more complex and advanced exercises to come.

Please trust me. Don’t skip through this Level 1 quickly. Focus and master this.

The 80 / 20 rule:

I would bet my life on the truth in this statement: You could do nothing more than MASTER the movements in Level 1 and receive as much as 80% of the potential benefits from this course. It’s that important.

Spend time on it. Learn. Be relentless as you move toward mastery of the basics and fundamentals. This is your single key to success. Believe it.

Before I leave you for today, I’d like to share a quick video TIP (less than a minute!) that addresses ONE reason why I focus so much energy on form. I hope you find it helpful!