Restore: The Core Program


Level 3: The Plan

We are taking our skill, stability, and strength to a whole new level!

By the time you reach Level 3, what you are doing at this point is simply building upon the skills and strength you have established in Level 1 and Level 2.

You’re building skills under increasingly dynamic loads and challenges. You’re grooving a groove that means you are now a more resilient, fatigue-resistant athlete.

Everything you do should feel better. You should see improvements in some of the daily activities you might have once struggled with.

If you’re a runner, you now might feel more connected than you ever have before. Things might just feel easier, more enjoyable. You may notice your pace is improving at the same effort level as before – that’s a common theme. The same could be true for swimming, cycling, or any other activity.


Be Your Own Best Coach:


At this stage, with the new skills you’ve developed, you’re more equipped than ever to be YOUR best coach. You now recognize when you’re not doing something as well as you should. You’re willing to stop, re-assess, and then move on.

You now understand this is all a moving target. It’s not one and done. It’s a journey with ebb and flow, peaks and valleys.

Always seek the objective feedback of the video camera and mirror.

Reach out if I can help in any way!

Onward we go!

    Here are some specific scheduling TIPS for each movement in Level 3:

      As a reminder, make the important distinction between which movements challenge stability primarily, vs. those that create significant muscular fatigue and build strength in the process (with enough recovery). Train smart.

      Stir the Pot: This is a stability exercise that ALSO challenges the strength of the entire anterior core AND shoulder girdle. Less is more. Tiny improvements are what you’re seeking. That means short bouts of practice followed by rest and review.

      Swiss Ball Side Plank: You know the drill by now – this is another way to challenge stability, balance, and alignment, and create good integration. Frequent focused practice is the key!

      Hurdle Holds: A little goes a long way. It’s fatiguing, especially when combined with other planking movements as well as other training for the hip and trunk. Err on the side of caution.

      Vertical Quadraped (heavy weight): You’ve read and know a lot about this exercise by now. The heavier weight will have you dancing on the edge of your ability. Enjoy the journey!

      Swiss Ball Bridging and Curls: Make sure to progress smartly, starting first with bridging. One set as a warmup, then make the most of a second set. That’s smart. As always, scale the exercise depending on your strength level and err on the side of caution. Form first!

      Ab-Wheel Roll Outs: Less is more. A little goes a long way. You may find that your shoulders are the weak link. Don’t get hurt trying to challenge and improve core strength. You read that here first.

      Moving Plank Series: This is the ideal assessment series AND A TERRIFIC dynamic warm up to other activities. You’ll learn a lot about how much you’ve progressed and improved your core stability and strength based on how easy or difficult this is.

      Use your mirror. Video yourself. Neither lie if you know what you’re looking for.

      To PRINT a PDF of the written information on this page, CLICK HERE!

      To PRINT a PDF of the calendar for LEVEL 3, CLICK HERE! Keep it fun!