Restore: The Core program



Basic Prone Quadraped


Like quite a few of the movements in Level 1 of this course, we are looking at and learning and practicing a few different ways to both train core stability and challenge it.

The reason for this is important: stability is dynamic. And it should ideally be trained progressively.

Since we never know which positions we’ll find ourselves in that will challenge us the most, it’s smart to train it in multiple ways.

As a result, you may find that the Prone Quadraped, also known as the bird dog, is easier for you to perform because you’re on all fours. That’s common.

For others, this position may end up making it more difficult if getting down onto the floor and pressuring your knees is difficult or even impossible. Don’t hesitate to use something to pad the knees if that helps.


The video provides the instruction you need so listen closely!

I encourage you to listen in closely during the instructional video to determine how this movement will help you reinforce the basic elements of stability. Zero in on your low-back position. Keep your good low-abdominal core engagement. Move slowly.

It is often said that the devil is in the details. This is certainly true as it relates to the Basic Prone Quadraped. It can be done quite easily if form isn’t a focus. To do it well is challenging.

Move slowly. Focus on the details. Remember, your goal is near-perfect repetitions at this early stage of training. Don’t rush. Enjoy the process!

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