Restore: the Core program


Level 3

The “Moving” Plank Series

This “moving” series consists of two of the most important stability and strength exercises here in this program: the Half Front Plank with a Reach, and the Side Plank.

This series is advanced – don’t tread here until you’ve reached mastery in the most basic foundational versions of these movements.

In essence, this “moving” series (by “moving,” we simply mean that you will be moving between each of these two movements and within the movements themselves) is your opportunity to demonstrate a more advanced mastery of these increasingly dynamic and challenging variations.

As always, the goal is QUALITY. Focus on doing these as well as you can, dancing on the edge of your ability. It’s not about gutting or grinding your way through to achieve some endurance endpoint. It’s about making sure you are moving well and demonstrating stability and strength of your trunk and core at a high level.

As always, listen in carefully to the instructions within the video – and watch my demonstrations closely. Develop YOUR eye for what it means to do these kinds of movements well.

Remember: It’s not about the exercise, it’s about HOW the exercise is done.


Keep it fun. Be persistent. And train smart!

Check out this 3-minute video for some TOP TIPS on how to make the most of this “Moving Plank Series!”

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