Restore: The Core Program


The Plan: Level 1

Your journey begins here! 60 days to Restore Your Core! Let’s get to it!

Spend at least THREE weeks training and developing mastery of Level 1.

Focus on learning and understanding first, and then on mindful practice, applying what you are learning.

Re-watch the instructional videos frequently. Get as much objective feedback from your stabilizer and from your mirror and video as you can. Be relentless in your pursuit of basic and fundamental skills.

This sets the table for everything that’s to come.

    Here are some specific scheduling TIPS for each movement in Level 1:

    Basic Abdominal Brace: Practice this as often as you can, remembering that as soon as skills seem to deteriorate or you lose focus, you should stop and pause, and return after a break.

    Side Plank: The one we all love to hate. Proceed carefully and practice frequently early on, for short bits, focusing entirely on proper form. Max it out once a week, or so, as the schedule that follows indicates.

    Basic Prone Quadraped: This is another movement where frequent mindful practice will pay dividends. Make sure to protect your knees. If your low-back is ever problematic for any reason, this is the safest alternative for practicing stability. Very low risk.

    Vertical Quadraped (no load or light weight): Early on your focus is on frequent practice to groove balance on a single leg while creating good integration. Frequent reps. The transfer is where the rubber meets the road, so to speak. As you get good with it, start to increase the amount of time you are holding the quadraped position. Your goal is 90 seconds! Transfer first! Then hold. In that order.

    The Crab (leg movement): The biggest challenge with this movement is often getting set up correctly and HOLDING onto that set up. In other words, with a move to lift the leg comes a tendency to lose neutral, and to shift from one side to another. Don’t let it happen. Frequent mindful practice. Rinse and repeat.

    One last thing to mention: Don’t forget to include recovery and remember that it’s variable depending on sleep, your busy schedule, your other training, and so on. Check out the video below on this important topic.

    The time when you’re resting is when you improve. You need rest to get better, it’s that simple. Don’t be a workout fool. Train smart! Train hard – rest harder!


    To PRINT a PDF of the CALENDAR that you see above for Level 1, CLICK HERE!

    If you would like to also print the written copy that is on this page for reading offline, you may by CLICKING HERE. Enjoy!