Restore: The Core program




In Level 2, we are raising our game and beginning to learn and tackle some very challenging exercises.

Some of these may look, on the surface, simple and even easy to do. Trust me…doing them as well as they NEED to be done is a whole different story. I’ve watched and worked with hundreds of talented and accomplished athletes with these exercises. And one thing in all of those sessions has remained consistent: when they were made aware of the details that were most important in order to get the benefits of the exercise, they were instantly humbled.

And also enlightened. When that light-bulb goes off, it’s exciting.

…and yes, you should be getting somewhat excited at this point. If you are doing the right kind of work consistently, you’re surely starting to feel some changes within. With consistent practice and dedication, you’ll continue to feel more stable, healthier, and stronger.

The biggest take-home message I can leave you with is this:

Level 2 is truly where the rubber meets the road, so to speak. It’s at this point in your training that you will accelerate your development and begin to turn the corner with your training.

These are powerful exercises when done well! They’re like no other you’ve ever done, trust me.

Believe in the power within them, and within you. You can do it. Stay the course. Work hard. Train smart!

Also in Level 2, we’re beginning to bring in a higher level of integration between our hip girdle and core, which I often refer to simply as our TRUNK.

That “trunk,” includes the larger muscles of our mid-back. It is important to train these along with the pelvic girdle to create the kind of stability and strength that will give us the results we desire.

Are you wondering why? If so, check out this video for a quick review of the anatomy and why it matters!

CLICK HERE to print a PDF of the material on this page, minus the videos. Enjoy your reading!

Are you a runner OR a triathlete? If so, take a minute to listen to this video TIP below. It should resonate with you. This is smart training!