Restore: The Core program


Level 2

The Clock

Speaking of base of support impacting how difficult or easy an exercise is to do well, enter the Clock! 😊

This exercise continues the theme we started and established in Level 1. We’re unloading from a 4-point to 3-point stance.

We’re moving our base of support in subtle ways to make the movement easier or more challenging.

In the process of doing these things, we’re challenging our core to remain stable and still, SO THAT our arms can move freely, in this case around a “clock-face.”

Why different exercises to learn what is essentially the same skill?

Core stability and strength, like just about every other skill we might learn, is position dependent. And velocity dependent. As a result, we need to explore a variety of positions in order to learn which positions are the easiest or most difficult for us to perform.

Our goal is to develop dynamic and reactive core stabilization in all our activities as a human. Subsequently, we need to train it from as many different positions as is practical and challenge it in a variety of ways.

One important reminder:

You can’t trust your “feel.” You can’t assume you’re doing it well because it might “feel” good or because you think you “have it.” 

Watch yourself in a mirror. A mirror is an essential tool if you want to make quick progress. Your awareness of what you are actually doing vs. what you might think you’re doing, tell the story. Shoot a video of yourself too. Pictures and videos don’t lie. (most of the time anyway) 😊

Use both (the mirror and videotaping yourself) to monitor your skill development, correct errors early on in the learning and training process, and as a result, watch your progress accelerate!

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