Restore: THE Core PROGRAM


The Continuous Plank Series: Level 3

The Level 3 series durations are: 9:20, 10:00, 12:00, and 13:20!

The Continuous Plank Series videos you will find below are for Level 3.

You will find four progressively longer and more challenging series, as outlined above in red.

In addition to the TIPS below, please remember and make note of this:

The goal SHOULD NOT be to move quickly to longer and longer series. Don’t fall victim to the idea (false) that just because you can complete a “long” series one or two times, that you’ve accomplished your goal.

Rather than look at isolated workout days, think long term.

  • Consistency day in and day out, week in and week out, is the goal.
  • Being able to make the SHORTER series, EASIER to do, is the goal.
  • Thinking of these series not as an isolated “gut buster,” but rather as part of a holistic, balanced training program – THAT’S the goal.

Approaching your training in this way will ensure you don’t over do it, while also ensuring you develop the kind of frontal plane strength that will enhance your durability, especially if you’re a runner!


Some TIPS to Get the Most From the Continuous Plank Series:

Remember, as you transition from side to prone, move as a single unit. Don’t wiggle. Make your body into one solid “piece of steel.”

One of the areas most stressed in a side plank is the shoulders. Remember to “engage” your back by pinching your shoulder blades together to create better holistic stability and rigidity of your entire trunk. This won’t be easy but it WILL take localized stress off of the shoulder joints. Which is what you want to do.

  • As you move from side to prone to side, don’t rest between transitions by lowering your body to the floor. Stay elevated. The goal is to transition quickly but with care, without resting.
  • When you’re in the prone position (facing down), if you feel you don’t have the endurance or strength to maintain a true full-front plank, then you may “peel back” and go to a HALF front plank on your knees. Make it your eventual goal to use the full front plank for the entire set.
  • One of the most common errors with the prone plank is that the hips /butt end up too high. Keep an absolutely straight body line from shoulder to hips, to ankles.
  • On the very last rep, make it your goal to hold this for as long as you can without losing form.
  • Don’t get hurt! Over time, you may find you can extend this, making new gains in strength and stability!
  • When you’re in that Side Plank, form is, as always, ABSOLUTELY King! Regularly check your form as you move into each rep. Hips forward, perfect alignment, lengthening your body like a taught, tight rope.
  • Lastly, make sure to occasionally “pulse” and squeeze your butt to take stress OFF of the low back.

Again, I’ll say it – the MOST IMPORTANT thing I can share with you at this point is this: DON’T PROGRESS this too quickly. That’s a surefire way to get hurt and short-circuit your progress. Train smart!

You can print out the written information on this page for easy offline reading by CLICKING HERE.