restore: the legs program

rear foot elevated split squat strength!


block two: 1-second eccentric / 10-second isometric / 1-second push

With Calf Raises (Bent Knee or Straight Leg)

In this second block of Rear Foot Elevated Split Squat strength, we’re changing things up in a BIG way from Block 1, this time focusing on the 10-second ISOMETRIC that you’ll reach after a FAST eccentric movement.

You are going to need to cut back quite dramatically from the amount of load you may have used in Block 1. Be forewarned! Start conservatively and build progressively.


The focus of this BLOCK 2 strength training is on the FAST ECCENTRIC – 10-SECOND ISOMETRIC phase.

Here’s your instructional video. Watch and listen closely!

The structure of the session:

  • You will perform a set of 3 reps for each side, then go straight into one set of straight-leg OR bent knee calf raises. For both legs. (You will see in the follow-along video below that I performed bent knee).
  • You will then rest for as long as you need to but as little as possible, before repeating with another set including the calf raises.
  • You have the option of starting with a warm-up set if you wish. The decision to do that or not will depend upon what you did or were doing right before this session.
  • Rest between sets: take as long as you need but as little as required. The goal is 3 quality sets.

Here is how each session should look:

*Reps and Sets: 3 of each
*Timing: 1-second descend / 10-second isometric hold / 1-second push back to the start position.
*Rest interval: after each set, you will perform one set for each side of straight-leg calf raises.

The video below is a “Follow-Along” Block 2 session including bent knee calf raises!


* We are each using loads that reflect our individual progression. Please use what YOU feel and know to be appropriate for you!

* It is much better to start conservatively and build steadily, then it is to start too aggressively and lose steam (and form) as you go.

Train smart!


Block 2 Follow-Along! (12:43)