restore: the legs program

four weeks of training: seven through ten

Weeks seven through ten of training:

In this final 4-week block of training, your goal is simple:

  • Continue to work on mastery of the basic and fundamental skills presented earlier, while also…
  • “Dancing on the edge” of your ability while increasing training loads – in those movements where that opportunity is there for you.

Remember, training isn’t a linear process. There will be peaks and valleys – ebb and flow.

Your goal is long-term, sustainable progress. Not short term “big” gains – which are often masked under the umbrella of compensation.

You want REAL gains – which only happen with consistent, smart training.

Train hard when you’re able to. Rest even harder when you need to!

It is at this point that it would be VERY beneficial for you to review BONUS #5 – A “How-To” Guide for Getting Stronger, which you may access via that hyperlink or with the menu on the left.

In that video, I discuss the important concepts behind how to progress your training in a smart way. Learning about “dancing on the edge” while also staying true to the fundamentals, is one critical KEY to your ongoing success and progress.

Please take the time to watch and listen, you won’t regret it!

Week 7 and Week 8

To print out a PDF of Weeks 7 and 8, CLICK HERE!

Week 9 and Week 10

To print out a PDF of Weeks 9 and 10, CLICK HERE!