Thinking about racing Ironman or 70.3 in 2021? Don’t make THIS mistake!

2020 was one heck of a difficult year on so many levels. For triathletes that like to race, it's been very challenging as most of the races that were supposed to happen, didn't. Those lost races are making 2021 an important year for so many – the chance to get back...

Can an “old” injury literally haunt you for years?

Let's say you're walking down the sidewalk one day and you get a tiny little pebble inside of your shoe. You feel it instantly, and it hurts for a moment. You might even yell, "ouch!" So you stop. Take off your shoe and turn it upside down and shake. The pebble falls...

021: Why The Front Plank Is A Dumb Exercise (Podcast)

Hi Everyone! You might be surprised to read that I think the front plank could be considered a sort of “dumb” exercise, IF YOUR goal is to improve your durability as a runner and reduce your risk of injury. As an endurance athlete, core stability is what you’re after. Certainly, the front plank can help […]

Is Fasting a “Fountain of Youth?”

Various forms of intermittent fasting have become all the rage recently. And there’s good reason for it – too many of us consume too many calories daily – with 30% of the American population now categorized as clinically obese, the time HAS come for us to make some real changes. For me, I’ve done some […]

Are you helping or hurting your chance for a great race with your pre-race meal?

I've seen it happen so often over the years - you've trained hard for weeks and months, doing everything you can to be ready to have a great race. And then your stomach goes south - at the worst possible time during the race.  It sucks when that happens. There's...

Would You Like To Improve Your Running Technique?

"You ain't gonna learn what you don't wanna know." - Jerry Garcia "Should I 'sta' or should I 'mo'? - The Clash Effective training is usually about hammering away at the basics. And that usually isn't sexy. - Moses Bernard In this age of social media, it's not...

Rock Your Wall!

    I love the analogy of building a wall when it comes to how we should build our fitness, don't you? In some important ways, our body is a lot like a house... If you're going to age gracefully and remain durable as you prepare for your races this coming...

The Coaching Advice I Give Most Often

  Endurance athletes pride themselves on pushing through the most challenging, gut-busting workouts. Anyone who is on Facebook sees those "inspirational" memes where the message is always to push-push-push! We like to think of ourselves as tough and willing to...

Stuck In Injury? Now Is The Time To Do Something About It!

Believe it or not, we're approaching mid-January. The sub-freezing temperatures have settled on the northeast and Midwest, and the snow is piling up. Whether or not it feels like it (can you say 15+ inches of snow and counting yesterday, if you live in the...

Motivation and Stress: An Inverse Relationship?

So often we go through periods in our lives, where for one reason or another, stress and anxiety levels are higher than we want them to be. Seek balance as a path toward optimal training.

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