The “Clock” Lunge Series: A dynamic warm-up

Welcome, my friend!

I hope you have some fun playing around with this fun lunging series. I really like using this as a dynamic warm up for running – or any other activity for that matter.

Ease into it, using a shorter or smaller range-of-motion at first, especially if you’ve been sitting or it’s early morning. As you warm up, increase the size of your lunge and challenge your mobility and control.

Use it as a self-assessment also:

As you move through this series, you’re going to find one or another of the movements that are more difficult for you. Perhaps the side-moving “cossack” lunge is challenging, or perhaps you struggle with certain positions from a balance point of view.

As you go through it, notice what is more difficult – spend a little bit of extra time on THAT position. As the more difficult moves get easier, the entire sequence becomes easier. And more fun to practice!


A few years ago in our gait analysis lab in Old Saybrook, Connecticut, I shot an instructional video for the “cossack lunge,” using the TRX. Perhaps you might find this video helpful. Check it out – it’s just below.