7 1/2 min Follow-Along Running Specific Spine / Hip Passive Stretching

Distinguishing the difference between what feels tight and what IS actually short is one of those dilemmas that need to be navigated well in order to successfully get out of an injury cycle or keep yourself from becoming injured. Yes, believe it or not, you CAN create a run-related injury by constantly stretching something which doesn’t need to be stretched.

Chronically stretching something that feels tight due to an instability somewhere in proximity to the area (and may not actually be short as a result) will most likely create more problems than it will solve. It’s definitely something to think about.

Please take 59-seconds to check out this video TIP which I posted to Instagram for a little more insight on this important topic. 😊


If you’ve determined that you have areas of opportunity for the hips and spine, then this video will be a fantastic resource for you.

In it, I guide you through seven progressively challenging movements that are fantastic for opening up the hips and spine.


Use caution – train smart!

Please make sure you ease into everything and only go as far as you can comfortably. Never go to the point of pain or severe discomfort at any time.

The movements proceed in this order:

Easier: Camel stretch

Easier: Quad with reach

Slightly more challenging: Kneeling spinal twist

Slightly more challenging: Seated spinal twist

Slightly more challenging: Supine spinal twist

More advanced: Standing T-spine mobility drill

More advanced: Twisted warrior

You’re welcome and encouraged to follow along, pausing whenever you would like to spend a little bit more time on each stretch and position.


I’ve got a lot of miles on my body!

Please keep in mind that most of these are quite challenging for me. After all, I’m 60 years old with a lot of running miles on my chassis! Mobility and flexibility will always be a work in progress for me as a result.

If you’re finding you have even more difficulty with these than I do, then you most certainly will benefit from some extra time and energy spent in this important area.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch if I can assist with anything!