Four “go-to” streches for the low back and “ql”

Thank you for joining me today! 😊

It goes without saying that our low-back certainly can be subject to abuse both in our daily life and in our training.

As a result, these series of stretching exercises can be a great way to offset that abuse and restore some balance.

Distinguishing the difference between what feels tight and what IS actually short is one of those dilemmas that need to be navigated well in order to successfully get out of an injury cycle or keep yourself from becoming injured. Yes, believe it or not, you CAN create a run-related injury by constantly stretching something which doesn’t need to be stretched.

Chronically stretching something that feels tight due to an instability somewhere in proximity to the area (and may not actually be short as a result) will most likely create more problems than it will solve. It’s definitely something to think about.