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At the end of the day, it comes down to YOUR commitment to learning more, engaging more, asking more questions, and challenging yourself to be better!

SLOW DOWN and move quickly. This simple but profound idea will transform your strength training session into one with multiple fitness benefits!  

What’s one amazing benefit to RESTORE: The Bodyweight Strength program?

Understanding the meaning of phrases such as “muscle slack, pre-tension, co-contraction, and counter-movement,” to name a few – enlighten us to the powerful and positive effect that full-body radiation-of-tension in bodyweight training can have on our health, strength, resiliency, power and especially, durability. While sitting in my hotel room in Tempe AZ during travel to a running conference, I decided to take a few minutes to reflect upon these concepts. Enjoy!

Stretching under tension with a RFESS Eccentric Quasi Isometric!

These hurt so good! So effective!

Training and Rehabilitation.

Is there a difference?

Does it matter?

Is there such a thing as being “hyper” mobile? 

As you may imagine, I have some thoughts on the topic…

If you want to make REAL progress that is sustainable over time, you must do TWO things:

1. Master the basics and fundamentals!

2. “Dance” on the edge of your ability and continue to challenge yourself to improve!

Norwegian triathlete (and former PAP Team member) Arne Lunde, using one of the advanced Rear Foot Elevated progressions (Block 3) that are part of RESTORE: The Legs Program. This is an oscillating RFESS!

Learning, improving, excelling, and succeeding – it’s a process.  It’s never about the first steps of learning, although those first steps are undeniably necessary. What matters the most is the work that’s done as part of the ongoing process of learning. It’s the re-work that matters the most. 

Virtually EVERYTHING gets better when you’re stronger. 

Check out RESTORE: The Bodyweight Strength Program, to build the kind of control and functional strength you may have only dreamed of to this point. This program works!

Durability – Injury – Fitness. All related.

One must come before the others. Can you guess what it is? 

Yep, you are correct – it’s DURABILITY!

Why – why – why?  

It comes down to whether or not you want a “workout” or you want to train to improve. 

Now, if your only goal is to get a “workout” or to sweat, I’ve got some holes that need digging… 🙂

Simple?  Yes.  Easy? Well…that depends.  

This IS your first step toward a chin or pull up. 

As soon as it starts to get uncomfortable, that’s when the training time begins and the clock starts!  

Ok, not easy, but worth it! 

Here’s a fun “daily challenge” that I shared with one of my “Get Strong-Move Right” online Facebook coaching groups. Partner training is fun! 🙂 

What are your goals for your strength training?

Is your strength improving? Is your body adapting to increasing environmental (physical) stress? Is your body getting the right message? 

Looking for a moderately challenging drill to use as a warm-up for bodyweight work?  

This requires just enough coordination to make it challenging and fun – and it is ALSO achievable for just about any athlete regardless of your age and experience! 🙂

Time under load. Understanding and applying this is the secret to unlocking unbelievably efficient and effective strength and movement training!