motivation and inspiration


Wisdom from Thoreau…

Oh, to be a kid again, right? 

But it is THERE for you if you’re willing to remember: Keep it fun!

There’s no short-cut. No truly “easy” path that is worth traveling. 

But with these attributes, you can accomplish ANYTHING!

Emotions play a huge role in the choices we make. What we must remember, are that emotions are just that and nothing more. They aren’t us. They are what they are. 

Do you ever struggle with just getting out the door sometimes or getting down on the floor to train? Well, if you do…

…welcome to being NORMAL!  Because we all do at times. You’re not alone.

The future looks amazing!  

Sure, we all have doubts at times. That’s our humanity. But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t believe in the impossible or in the possibility awaiting us if we do the work and stay the course! Believe it!

Our daily motivation to do the work ebbs and flows every day. We’re not machines, we’re human beings. 

It’s normal. And it’s OK! Just keep fighting. You’re worth it!

It’s about YOU.  Your race. Your battle. 

Don’t give in or give up!

Don’t give up or give in.

Nothing worth doing is ever going to be easy. Don’t give up.