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The Pursuit Athletic Performance Virtual Gait Analysis is the missing link that so many runners and triathletes have been missing to achieve more durable, injury-free, faster running! Imagine reaching a point where you don't ever think about being injured - to be that durable is what every runner dreams of achieving! Imagine being able to learn about subtle details in your stride that hurt your form and slow you down. Think about this: on average, a tiny 1/4 inch improvement in stride length (achieved authentically, not forced) results in a 10-seconds per mile increase in speed! Energy leaks matter. Why train hard and long and push yourself out on the road, track, or trail, without knowing if there's something you can improve on which will make the training even more effective? That's what this process is all about.

One reason this process has been successful for so many runners is that today's technology allows us to share information in a way that makes a "virtual" process seem as though we are together in the same room. Sure, sometimes "technology" can be frustrating but because of it, we have the chance to work together to help you achieve your goals in ways we couldn't have imagined even 10 years ago. No matter where you live, this process works!

Let's face it, being injured sucks!  You can't enjoy your sport in the company of your friends or sign up for any of your favorite races if you're dealing with a nagging tweak or a full-blown injury. This process has been refined over many years - we'll be able to ascertain where the weaknesses are and get you started on a training path that will be guaranteed to work and produce the results you desire. Real, measurable results. This process works, I guarantee it. So what are you waiting for?

With your Virtual Gait Analysis you'll get ALL of this:

  • A detailed guidebook in PDF form outlining all of the steps you need to take to share the information I need to perform your analysis. That will be delivered via email directly to you from me once you've made your purchase.
  • A complete biomechanical evaluation from head to toe specifically centered around running, running injury risk, running efficiency, and running form.
  • A full written report detailing all of the findings (such as identification of any tissue imbalances, relative strengths/weaknesses) and including specific objective measurements and detailed recommendations for future training to address the issues which were identified.
  • Included in the written report will be references and specific feedback related to, but not limited to:
    • Core stability.
    • Hip stability and strength.
    • Foot mechanics including rearfoot eversion/pronation (this is subject to the quality of the video submitted) and proprioception.
    • Footwear and running shoe recommendation (and/or orthotics if appropriate).
    • Tissue balance.
  • A detailed video report, using video segments and images that were submitted, highlighting those specific objective measurements gleaned from said images/video which supports the findings presented in the written report.
  • Evaluation of running technique/form including specific markers for elements such as:
    • Foot angle at touchdown/loading (full foot/midfoot)
    • Maximum shin angle
    • Shin angle at touchdown
    • Sweep
    • Ratio of Sweep/Maximum shin angle
    • Stride rate
    • Secondary elements at mid-stance which will also be evaluated include but are not limited to:
      • Forward bend at the waist
      • Pelvic tilt and degrees of triple flexion
  • A full list of training recommendations as a followup so that you can get started immediately on your training. All instructional videos and written instructions will be provided.
  • A followup Zoom or Facetime/Skype call that is scheduled at a mutually convenient time to discuss the results of the analysis and plan the next step and first phase of "Restoration and Foundation" training.
  • The opportunity to ask any questions via email related to or regarding the analysis results, after receiving the above reports.
  • A personal 1 on 1 training session via Zoom/FT/Skype approximately 7 to 10 days after the above call, to review training and any questions or concerns.

go HERE to check out the a before/after review of the positive changes that can happen through this process.

3 reviews for Virtual Gait Analysis

  1. Mike Demsky (verified owner)

    I cannot specifically remember the first time I came across Coach Al and Dr. Strecker, suffice to say it was many years ago. At the time I was nursing a calf injury and was in need of, what I thought at the time was a quick fix. That had/has been my mode of operation, looking for a solution to a problem while continuing to power through the injury. This mentality has led to ankle, hamstring, hip and nagging lower back pain. It’s not that the pain is a sometimes thing, it’s constant. For me, the years of powering through have taken a toll mentally too. It’s not any fun to be in pain day after day, year after year. Yes, there have been years of chiropractic, massage, stretching and acupuncture sessions as well as the introduction to yoga and tai chi. Short-term relief but not really a long-term solution. So at the age of 65 I decided enough was definitely enough. Talk about being a slow learner! Really, I thought I could do it myself. The reality is I cannot. Enter Coach Al. As I mentioned I’ve been following Coach for a long time and decided to introduce myself and ask for much-needed direction. After a series of assessment tests/videos, where it was painfully obvious that I had little or no core stability (knees caving inward doing the lunge eval, being unable to sit up straight performing the 90/90 position and a more than noticeable hip imbalance, etc) he recommended the Virtual Gait Analysis and Restore the Foundation Program. Coach created a plan, discussed it with me, and is available to answer questions when they arise. After about 40 years of trying to do this alone it’s good to know I have an experienced teacher and coach in my corner. I’m at the beginning of my journey and will post more as I continue down this path. If you find yourself in similar waters as me, please do yourself a favor and contact Coach Al. Do not wait, as I did. Take the initiative and work to restore your body movement to a pain-free state. The peace of mind alone will be worth it.

  2. Matt Pawa (verified owner)

    Coach Al is simply one of a kind. I have been the classically “injured athlete” with one running injury or another hampering me and sidelining me regularly — for years. I always thought, “I’ll just get over this one and then I’ll be OK, and used every imaginable therapy under the sun, not to mention some surgeries I now know that I did not need. And then something else would happen, ie, another injury one place or another. ENOUGH! Sometimes it is time to admit when you need a real expert. Coach Al is completely unique in his knowledge, approach, and abilities when it comes to restoring your body to a healthy balance so you can run and workout free of injury. I am at the beginning of my journey to fixing the imbalances in my body thanks to Coach Al. It takes time and discipline but is well worth it (but less time than the alternatives, actually). The VGA and related videos of various movements were extremely thorough and were followed by Coach Al taking as much time as needed to review the results with me via Zoom and to prescribe a specific program to deal with my particular imbalances and areas of weakness. Al stays in close touch and is an upbeat presence who quite obviously wants very deeply for me to succeed. If you have an injury or a history of injuries, stop trying to deal with the immediate issue and go to the source of the problem with Coach Al and start down your road to not just the healthiness but the happiness that comes with running fast and free.

  3. Patrice Chiudioni

    I met Al a few years ago and decided to do a Virtual Gait Analysis with him. His analysis was eye opening and right on. Although there were things that I could easily see (I’m a physical therapist), having an objective outside assessment is invaluable. Al is extremely knowledgeable and really cares about helping athletes be resilient and injury free. I’m a competitive age group triathlete and after committing to Al’s prescribed exercises, I found that I was able to push a little harder and felt more comfortable in doing so.

    I also trained with Al through some of his other programs and worked 1 on 1 with him last year. I still perform his exercises which easily fit into a busy day and feel that I continue to benefit from them. I coached many sports over the years and focused on my athletes mastering the basics before progressing. Al has the same philosophy which is clear in the Body Weight Program.

    I highly recommend Al’s programs and know that if you put the work in, you will see the benefits!

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