Virtual Gait Analysis


The Pursuit Athletic Performance Virtual Gait Analysis is the missing link that so many runners and triathletes have been missing to achieve more durable, injury-free, faster running! Imagine reaching a point where you don't ever think about being injured - to be that durable is what every runner dreams of achieving! Imagine being able to learn about subtle details in your stride that hurt your form and slow you down. Think about this: on average, a tiny 1/4 inch improvement in stride length (achieved authentically, not forced) results in a 10-seconds per mile increase in speed! Energy leaks matter. Why train hard and long and push yourself out on the road, track, or trail, without knowing if there's something you can improve on which will make the training even more effective? That's what this process is all about.

One reason this process has been successful for so many runners is that today's technology allows us to share information in a way that makes a "virtual" process seem as though we are together in the same room. Sure, sometimes "technology" can be frustrating but because of it, we have the chance to work together to help you achieve your goals in ways we couldn't have imagined even 10 years ago. No matter where you live, this process works!

Let's face it, being injured sucks!  You can't enjoy your sport in the company of your friends or sign up for any of your favorite races if you're dealing with a nagging tweak or a full-blown injury. This process has been refined over many years - we'll be able to ascertain where the weaknesses are and get you started on a training path that will be guaranteed to work and produce the results you desire. Real, measurable results. This process works, I guarantee it. So what are you waiting for?

With your Virtual Gait Analysis you'll get ALL of this:

  • A detailed guidebook in PDF form outlining all of the steps you need to take to share the information I need to perform your analysis. That will be delivered via email directly to you from me once you've made your purchase.
  • A complete biomechanical evaluation from head to toe specifically centered around running, running injury risk, running efficiency, and running form.
  • A full written report detailing all of the findings (such as identification of any tissue imbalances, relative strengths/weaknesses) and including specific objective measurements and detailed recommendations for future training to address the issues which were identified.
  • Included in the written report will be references and specific feedback related to, but not limited to:
    • Core stability.
    • Hip stability and strength.
    • Foot mechanics including rearfoot eversion/pronation (this is subject to the quality of the video submitted) and proprioception.
    • Footwear and running shoe recommendation (and/or orthotics if appropriate).
    • Tissue balance.
  • A detailed video report, using video segments and images that were submitted, highlighting those specific objective measurements gleaned from said images/video which supports the findings presented in the written report.
  • Evaluation of running technique/form including specific markers for elements such as:
    • Foot angle at touchdown/loading (full foot/midfoot)
    • Maximum shin angle
    • Shin angle at touchdown
    • Sweep
    • Ratio of Sweep/Maximum shin angle
    • Stride rate
    • Secondary elements at mid-stance which will also be evaluated include but are not limited to:
      • Forward bend at the waist
      • Pelvic tilt and degrees of triple flexion
  • A full list of training recommendations as a followup so that you can get started immediately on your training. All instructional videos and written instructions will be provided.
  • A followup Zoom or Facetime/Skype call that is scheduled at a mutually convenient time to discuss the results of the analysis and plan the next step and first phase of "Restoration and Foundation" training.
  • The opportunity to ask any questions via email related to or regarding the analysis results, after receiving the above reports.
  • A personal 1 on 1 training session via Zoom/FT/Skype approximately 7 to 10 days after the above call, to review training and any questions or concerns.


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If you’d like to take a more in-depth LOOK at real world RESULTS with this Virtual Gait Analysis process – AND learn more about how you can also get faster in addition to becoming more durable – GO HERE! Get ready to take a deep dive into the inside-out approach to improving as a runner! 

Keep reading and watching. Check out the video below – this is one more sampling of the kinds of changes that are possible with a Virtual Gait Analysis to assess what needs to be addressed, followed by smart progressive training.

The changes that this young runner has made are incredible! They speak to both to the process (It works!) and to this young man’s work ethic.