Learn the Turkish Get Up! VIDEO SERIES


tHE “Turkish Get Up” – Course Overview:

Welcome to the “Learn the Turkish Get Up” Video Series.

I’m really glad you’re here! So, what is this video series all about? Here’s the deal in a nutshell:

During the early months of the Covid-19 pandemic around March 2020, my girlfriend Terry and I posted a series of videos on Facebook, teaching this amazing and wonderfully beneficial exercise, the Turkish Get Up!

I love teaching this because it’s so valuable – this provided the perfect opportunity to share it with our Facebook friends and colleagues.

Each of these videos covers a portion of the movement. There are SIX videos in all. Take them one at a time.


Form first. Master each step with only a shoe resting on your fist…

…BEFORE you pick up a weight.

It’s been said by more than a few experts that this one exercise might be the single BEST you could ever learn.

*Your hip, trunk, shoulder and ankle mobility and flexibility will be challenged.

*Your trunk and hip – arm and shoulder strength will be challenged.

Your body symmetry (left and right side patterns) will be challenged.

Head to toe. Every part of your body is involved. Every pattern you could train is included.

Keep it fun and enjoy the journey!

This one exercise will challenge you AND help you feel better and stronger than ever!!