A fun quiz to help you on your journey 


Use your answers to guide your training!

Listen closely to yourself and your thoughts as you respond to each of these questions.

What are your greatest needs and how can we help?

Trust the process and make sure to keep it fun!

It won’t be easy – nothing worth achieving ever is. But it sure will be worth it! You’re worth it!   smile


Phew!  If you’ve had a chance yet to look around at all, you realize there is so much knowledge and resources here to take advantage of.

It can definitely feel overwhelming to figure out where to go first.

Hence, WHY we created this fun, informal little quiz for you.

We want to help you get the most from your time here, and we believe knowing more about why you’re here and what you might need most will help!

Are you ready to dig in?  Check out the quiz below – it’s multiple-choice (and definitely informal) so simply pick the answer that best describes what you believe.

Print this page if that would make answering easier.  Have fun!!!!

PS: do listen in to your thoughts as you’re going through this. We can learn a lot by listening to our own intuition! wink

Question 1:  Why are you here?  

a. To address an injury and/or learn more about how to avoid an injury, so I can train without fear of getting injured.
b. To get stronger. To look and feel better! To learn more.
c. To improve my CORE stability and strength.
d. To age well and feel great! cool

DID YOU KNOW?  The most important factor for those who achieve success is this: They decided definitively what they wanted to achieve – and then they took action every day to achieve it! 

Question 2:  Are you presently struggling with an injury or some other structural issue, perhaps related to being older?  

a. Ummmm….it’s only a minor tweak, and it comes and goes. Although it does impact how far and how often I can run. 
b. Yes, unfortunately. A full-blown injury. Bummer – I can’t run right now.
c. Nope. I feel good!  (fingers crossed!)
d. Do I really have to be honest?! undecided

DID YOU KNOW? Unless the root cause of an injury is addressed head-on, resting the body part in question will be temporary and fool you into thinking it’s gone. It will always return once you get back to that activity. 

Question 3:  If you think of yourself as an athlete, what kind are you?  

a. Runner.
b. Multisport athlete/cyclist/swimmer.
c. I participate in different sports on the weekends and am primarily concerned with general fitness and health.
d. Ummm…well, I can name some famous athletes. Does that count? laughing

DID YOU KNOW? YOU ARE an athlete, whether you believe it or not. Every single human being is an athlete – walking stairs, carrying groceries, gardening, or… running a marathon. The differences? It comes down to the effects on our body AND health. And of course, skill, intensity and duration. We’re ALL athletes.

Question 4:  How much time do you have to devote to exercise and training each day?

a. Less than 30 minutes.
b. 1 hour or more.
c. Does sleep or rolling my eyes count as exercise?  laughing

DID YOU KNOW? “Not enough time” is the #1 excuse for not exercising, yet even the busiest among us can spare 10-minutes. The cool thing is, 10-minutes per day of the right kind of exercise can be hugely beneficial. The key? Knowing what to do with those 10 minutes! (Hint: you’re in the right place to find out)

Question 5:  Does the idea of aging “gracefully” appeal to you? Would you like to be able to live the 2nd half of your life as energetically and vigorously as the 1st half?

a. Yes!  I want to be active every day of my life and live life to its fullest! 
b. Hmmm…I’ve never really thought about it, to be honest.
c. Nah. I am intrigued with the idea of living my later years with lots of pain and medications and dying a slow death every day. tongue-out

DID YOU KNOW? How we feel and how active we can be during the second half of our lives is largely determined by the choices we make each day over the first half of our lives. Our health is our responsibility. Honor your health, every day!

Are you curious as to how the responses to these questions will help guide your journey here on this website? Listen in to Coach Al’s short video below to find out!