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My name is Al.  I’m the owner of Pursuit Athletic Performance. I created this site AND the programs here because I GET IT.  

Not sure what I mean? Keep reading and make sure to listen to the video above!

  • I know the frustration of wanting to feel and look better, become more stable and stronger, but not knowing who to trust or listen to for advice.
  • I know the frustration of not being absolutely certain that the money I spend for exercise programs and guidance is worth it! 
  • I know the frustration of not wanting to go to a gym exclusively, because of the expense and extra travel time.
  • I know the frustration of wanting to learn more and improve at my own pace and do it in the comfort of my own home, while not knowing who offers trustworthy options to do just that. 
  • In today’s world, when there are so many online marketers who want to take our money but don’t have our best interest at heart and haven’t walked the talk and lived what they preach, I know how difficult it is to find someone you can TRUST to give you the best advice and guidance.
  • I know not everyone can afford to hire a personal trainer or coach, but they still desire expert guidance from someone they know will help them look, feel, perform, and age better.
  • I decided to take what I’ve learned and practiced over the course of my life as a coach, therapist, and author, and turn it into programs that are affordable and easy to access.
  • All the years of working in a gait analysis lab and coaching people 1 on 1 have taught me what it takes to age well and feel great. I’ve turned that knowledge into courses and programs here on this site. 
  • With these, you’ll get the same guidance I give to the people I work with 1 on 1 at a fraction of the cost. I’m doing this because I want to help MORE people and meet them where they are – realizing they all can’t be here where I am! 
  • You can be absolutely certain – if you follow my guidance and don’t give up or give in, you’ll experience amazing success! I know because I’ve seen it all work, over and over. I guarantee it or your money back.

    Would you like to set up a quick 15-minute consultation at no cost to you?

    If the answer is yes, send me an email at coachal@coachal.com,and we’ll set it up. I’d like nothing more than to answer your questions and help you get started on the right path!

    The reviews are in and they are amazing. And humbling. Click HERE to grab your copy of Age Well and Feel Great: The Proven Path to Solving the Aging Puzzle and Going the Distance.

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