VGA: Supplemental Exercises

how to train hip joint mobility


The “Frog”

The inside of our hips and groin is often a location where we can frequently cramp in running and cycling. This muscle group is extremely ‘active’ in these sports – much more than is typically acknowledged.

Whether you are on the more “flexible side of the fence,” or on the more “restricted (or inflexible) side of the fence,” when we bring a Functional Range Conditioning (specifically, PAILs – RAILSs) approach on top of whatever amount of passive flexibility we may possess, we set up the opportunity for benefit regardless of which side of the fence we are on.

This is most definitely true with the “Frog,” which is a tremendous movement for improving short adductor / internal rotation hip mobility/flexibility.

With the power of PAILs and RAILs, it’s awesome for improving strength and control.

And therefore, a more accessible, usable range of motion when we run and ride.


How will we approach this movement to achieve maximum benefit?

  • For the passive stretch portion, slide your knees out to the side allowing your torso to sink closer to the floor.
  • For PAILs, you’ll compress the inside portion of your knees into the floor.
  • For RAILs, you’ll try to “open” the hips in the opposite direction by lifting your knees up toward the ceiling.

None of these skills or therapy sessions should ever be “one and done.” Your tissues need repetition in order to be able to change.

These routines must be done consistently over a fairly long period of time to have a positive (and more permanent) effect long-term.

What to do?

Repetition, repetition, repetition.

Stay with it.