Follow-Along Doorway Isometric Workout!

Isometric strength training is incredibly effective and efficient for building stability and total body strength.

Here’s a follow-along video where you can get started without any equipment or even any skills, other than radiating tension from within and creating full-body integration – topics I discuss in detail in Chapter 25 of my book, Age Well and Feel Great.

The video is 15 minutes long in total. The actual workout starts about 3 minutes into the video.
Remember, the more you do this, the better you’ll get at creating tension and getting the most from the session.

What are the 6 specific doorway isometric exercises we’ll be doing in this session? (Remember to refer to Chapter 25 of my book for specific guidance). 

They are:

* Overhead Press

* Side Press

* Lateral Leg Raise

* Horizontal Press

* Leg Curl

Bring lots of energy and enthusiasm each time you do this! Keep it fun! Smile and work smart and hard!