Optimize Your Run Performance
Feel better AND recover easier and faster
Develop Foundational Stability & Strength
With extremely safe and efficient full-body routines
Improve Your Running Mechanics
Move without chronic pain and minimize the risk of injury

When recurring pain holds you back,
it devastates your emotional well-being.

Is your performance less
than it could be,
Due to chronic niggles, stiff joints or chronically tight muscles?
Do you want to keep being
active for life,
Without being held back by preventable injury?
Are you passionate about
But frustrated that your body can’t keep up?
Are you the runner you
aspire to be,
Or is the best of you still ahead?
You should be able to move fast, powerfully,
and effortlessly without pain.

As a passionate endurance athlete and runner since high school, I know what it’s like when your performance is hampered by nagging pain, cramps or stiffness.

Others May Not Understand What It’s Like To Give Up The Thing You Love Most, But I Do.

The indescribable feeling of conquering your endurance performance is almost as great as the frustrating realization that you no longer can’t. Nothing can stop you from getting back out there and beating your own record again and again.

Unfortunately with time, even the most resilient and dedicated athlete will deal with the same issues you are—-unless they build foundational strength and correct basic movement patterns that silently wreak havoc on their muscles, joints and performance.

Instead of giving up your vision, use your power to change reality.

I understand that it’s hard to believe you can change something you’ve been doing for so long. It feels like you’re wasting time and even worse, like you’ve wasted time on the wrong strategy.

But life is a marathon, not a sprint. Deep down, what truly drives your motivation and love for endurance training isn’t about tomorrow’s achievements or yesterday’s loss—it’s about being fully here and now, for as long as you possibly can. When you can do that, you’re unstoppable.

When I started running in my teens, I wasn’t very good at it.

I simply loved running more than anything, and I was dedicated to becoming extraordinary against all odds.

When training harder no longer gave me the return I expected, I didn’t give up. Instead, I studied the methods of elite runners and figured out what I was missing at the most basic level.

I rebooted my strategy to build foundational strength and correct faulty body mechanics, which had held me back from reaching the next level. As a result, I became a far better athlete in much less time than had I kept pushing despite my body’s lack of response.

In my late 30s, I used the same plan to overcome my trauma-induced fear of water and learn how to swim. Determined to be an Ironman athlete, I forced myself to complete one tiny step at a time, until I finally mastered an activity that many people take for granted.

I was 39 when I finally competed in my first Ironman, and that’s when I realized: nothing can stop you from being the athlete you aspire to be, except the wrong strategy.

That’s why I created an effective system so that YOU can achieve YOUR individual athletic aspirations—-without having to waste time on a plan that doesn’t work.

Professional Certifications

USA Triathlon Coach

Fascial Stretch Therapist

Barefoot Training Specialist With Evidenced Based Fitness Academy.

Physical Fitness Specialist With The Cooper Institute For Aerobics Research

Functional Movement Screen Provider With Functional Movement Systems

Functional Range Conditioning
Mobility Specialist with Functional Range Systems

USA Weightlifting Coach

USA Cycling Coach

Hardstyle Russian Kettlebell (HKC) instructor with Dragon Door

Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (National Strength and Conditioning Association)

When endurance athletes want to run faster, longer, better, and without pain, they turn to Coach Al.

5-time Ironman Triathlon Age-Group World Champion

I’ve had Coach Al as my coach now for about 13 years. What began as a “quasi” coach/athlete relationship – with him helping me to get over some nagging injuries and helping with my running – has turned into an amazing collaboration and friendship grounded in complete trust and mutual respect.

During all of those years…what are the things that have really stood out to me? No one works harder than Coach to continually learn more and then want to share it with others. And no coach I’ve ever known cares more about the health AND success of every person he comes into contact with.

Coach Al is a master of helping the athlete manage time and eliminate “fluff” training sessions – he’s an expert at protecting athletes from themselves and helping them to stay injury free.

Would you like to find out what limiters might be holding you back, whether they’re movement, pacing, nutrition, or the mental component? Well, no one is more qualified to help than Coach Al!

And, amazingly, I just won my 5th Ironman Age-Group World Championship, thanks to Coach Al’s guidance!

Need I say more?

Lisbeth Kenyon

5-Time Ironman Triathlon Age-Group World Champion

You saved my life – you changed it for the better in so many ways

I don’t know if Coach remembers this, but I sent him a note back in 2015 and shared these thoughts with him. I wrote them after a phone call that we shared that was so meaningful for me.

You saved my life – you changed it for the better in so many ways. You have become so much more than just a coach. You’ve nurtured me, challenged me, pissed me off, made me think and taken me so far out of my comfort zone, I don’t even know where that is anymore.

I never thought of you as a hardass. You are a deeply passionate person who, by however you got to where you are, have a gift for what you do that so many people wish they had. And you don’t keep it for yourself.

You want to share what you’ve learned and experienced, warts and all. You’re fearless in so many ways. I admire that. And not just in a “I’m gonna BASE jump off this building and see what happens” kind of way, but in your willingness to bare things that are sometimes personal…in a way that is meant to say – it’s okay that you fail – that’s how you learn. So many of us ARE afraid to fail. But you sharing yourself and showing us all your vulnerability – helps in more ways than you could ever know.

There are things you have said over the relatively short time I’ve known you that have told me volumes about the type of person, man, father, son, partner and friend you are. Not all said directly to me. Some in groups, when talking to other people.

You can’t save everyone and I know that is hard for you to understand – why people can’t see what is clearly in front of them, staring them in the face. You speak the truth. It’s hard to listen to for some… but each time I’ve sat back and mulled it over and have been truly honest with myself – you were right.

I am so grateful and honored to call you my coach. And wherever our paths take us in life, you will be one of less then a handful of people who have made a profound impact in my life.

Maureen Brook

16-time ironman finisher and lifelong endurance sport enthusiast

The attention to detail, and level of teaching will not be found elsewhere

I retired from the military in 2001. Up to that point I had always trained and stayed in shape. Upon retiring I began a career in software development which led to the typical days of sitting in front of a computer all day. As I edged closer to 60 I decided to begin training again. My weight was up to over 200 pounds and I could tell it was ‘use it or lose it ‘ time.

I thought I would start things off with running. This was something I had always been good at, having run competitively for many years as a younger man. After about two years of training to a certain level then breaking down with one injury after another, I was looking for a solution. Being someone who works on computers, I began searching for that solution. Believe me, there were several programs out there touting that they had the answer. So I would adopt one after the other, always with the same result – a return of the injuries I’d previously experienced.

Then I ran across Coach Al Lyman on one of my searches online. We spoke on the phone, and the things he mentioned were a bit different. There was no “magic” or quick fixes offered, just science and previous experience he had and was willing to share, that meshed with what I had learned and then put aside after my military career. It seemed clear now: among other things, my body was compensating for weaknesses that had developed over time. Until these were addressed history would very likely continue to repeat itself.

Well, the benefits I have seen since that first call and meeting have been too many to list. I started by jumping in on one of Coach Al’s Get Strong Move Right coaching programs and began to see some fairly major changes in my ability to move more easily and get around. I find that my quality of life has improved on many levels thus far. Wanting to return to competitive running may have been the motivating force in the beginning, however it has turned out to be much more than that.

Other things I like to do have also seen improvement. I love to play music with my band and have found I perform better. I like to restore old cars and crawling around them is a lot easier. Will I be a competitive runner again? Only time will tell for this is a continuing process. Among other things, core stability and core strength are moving targets that have to be constantly addressed. This is one of many things you will learn with Al, and Pursuit Athletic Performance. The attention to detail, and level of teaching will not be found elsewhere. If I have it in me, I have no doubt he will get me there. I trust the process.

Mark Horn

Competitive Runner

When Your Sport Demands A Heroic Performance, You Deserve To Be The Unstoppable Athlete You Aspire To Be.


RESTORE: The Bodyweight Strength Program & Foundation Program

Online Stability-Mobility and Performance Optimization Program

Here’s what you get

My online Restore: The Bodyweight Program + Foundation Program will help you learn and correct fundamental body mechanics, build strength and remove movement barriers that silently affect your max training capacity, so you can optimize your athletic performance without risking injury, pain or wearing yourself out in the process.

It will give you superior tools to safely build foundational full-body strength in less than 15 minutes per day from the comfort of your home, by utilizing a powerful resistance training method that leads to maximum stability and strength development without negative impact.

Roadmap to get back to running

Learn the exact programming used by top competitive endurance athletes to safely push themselves to maximum performance, without worries of recurring injury or pain. Specific guidance to improve your gait, mobility, speed and performance.

Follow-Along Video Instruction for Endurance Athletes of ALL LEVELS

That clearly demonstrate and explain how and why to perform all movements correctly, to give you an independent understanding that lets you resolve barriers to optimal performance autonomously.

Discover and Address Body Imbalances that break Runners Down Over Time

For any level, whether you are advanced or a complete beginner. No matter where you are on your athletic journey, my safe and efficient techniques will continue to challenge your progress at every stage of your journey.

8-week Full-Body At-Home Workouts To Break Your PRs

Designed so you can perform the exercises from the comfort of your home, while providing you with the same benefits as top athletes who come to my office in person.

Maximal Results in 15 Minutes

Or less, with whole body exercises and efficient resistance principles that will strengthen every movement pattern you need to excel as an endurance athlete.

Advanced Movement Progressions To Become Faster, Stronger, and More Resilient

With a low-impact, low-repetition, single-set training model designed to optimize whole-body awareness, increase functional strength, and raise your athletic performance.

Wait there’s more!!!



Optimizing the Athlete’s
Body as a System, Not As individual Parts.

Value $99


Including a 28-Day Training Plan.

Value $250


How-to Guide for
training progression.

Value $69


Training Smart – Coach Al’s Wisdom to becoming limitless.

Value $69


What It Is and WHY It Matters

Value $99


Video Tutorials on Soft Tissue Care

Value $99

After 20 years as a Master Endurance Athlete Performance Coach, I have developed a unique insight on how to isolate and correct your body mechanics that silently block performance, eventually causing injury and a limited range of motion.

Using a combination of physical therapy and sports medicine to pinpoint and resolve individual trigger patterns, my method helps endurance athletes unlock their ultimate potential so they can realize their inner vision.

I want to show you what you’re really capable of,
so you never have to settle for less.

Being extensively versed in Post-Injury Rehab, Sports Medicine, Prehabilitation and a long row of various training certifications including CSCS, I spent years studying and practicing Gait Analysis under the highly revered company Sports Motion before co-founding the nationally recognized coaching company and gait analysis lab Pursuit Athletic Performance in Old Saybrook CT, with my partner Dr. Kurt Strecker.

Picture yourself being…

Empowered with maximal performance capacity and zero painful distractions to ruin your training experience

Fearless and motivated to excel as an athlete, because you know your body is moving exactly like it’s meant to

Fearless and motivated to excel as an athlete, because you know your body is moving exactly like it’s meant to

Feeling totally relaxed, confident and excited with new athletic goals and an overall brighter outlook on life

Being energized and free to break personal records for speed, power and endurance without risking injury or pain issues down the line

Being energized and free to break personal records for speed, power and endurance without risking injury or pain issues down the line

Strong, youthful and invigorated in a resilient body that feels, moves, performs and recovers like it’s supposed to

Independent and inspired to keep striving forward, because you have the awareness and knowledge needed for an active lifestyle as long as you live

Independent and inspired to keep striving forward, because you have the awareness and knowledge nedded for an active lifestyle as long as you live

It may feel hopeless where you are now, but you don’t have to accept declining performance, pain and recurring injury as your new reality

When your sport demands a heroic performance,
you deserve to be the unstoppable athlete you aspire to.

It all starts with three steps:

Step 1

Buy the Restore: The Bodyweight Strength Program & Foundation Program

Step 2

Commit for 10-15 min per day and see
results in just 21 days

Step 3

Start running faster, longer and better without any pain




Ready to learn from Coach Al’s 40+ years of experience?

Take advantage of this time-limited launch offer for

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and get:

  • Follow Along Video Instruction for Endurance Athletes
  • Coach Al’s Elite Endurance Athletes Training Principles
  • Fundamental Movement Pattern Analysis and Corrections
  • 8-week At-home workout training plan
  • Free Access to the Coach Al’s “Performance Portal”, with follow-along videos, must-read articles, video training tips, and much more!
Optimizing the Athlete’s Body as a System, Not As Parts. VALUE $99
The Foundation Program. Value $250
How-to Guide
How-to Guide for training progression. Value $69
Training Smart
Coach Al’s Wisdom to becoming limitless. VALUE $69
The Core
What it is and Why it matters. VALUE $99
Soft Tissue Care
Short video tutorials on soft tissue care.VALUE $99

You don’t need to spend hours in the gym, thousands of dollars on a physical therapist or years in pain that limits your performance.

You just need the tools to take charge of your own journey, so you can start excelling toward the athlete you imagine.

Get Started Today!

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This is a digital program and nothing is physically MAILED to you.

You will receive login credentials immediately after purchase which can be used to view training content on all of your devices, including iPhone/iPad and most other late model smartphones and tablets.

Let me show you the power of square one.

The game isn’t over. In fact, it hasn’t even started.

Heroically Conquer Your Endurance Sport

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Let me show you the power of square one.

The game isn’t over. In fact, it hasn’t even started.

Heroically Conquer Your Endurance Sport

buy now

5 Things The World’s Very Best Runners Do
What I learned Observing the Kenyan National Running Team

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